Rethink WELLNESS Hub

I’ve been missing you!

Hi Dear Friends,

This announcement is sent out to you precious ones who have been following along on RethinkWellnessHub…

I’ve moved! And I packed you up with me!

Hope you don’t mind!

movingsIt would be such an honor to keep your company over at my new and improved site, where you are most definitely invited to continue rethinking wellness with me!

And I sure hope that sounds good to you!

The last many months I have been pouring over nutrition and wellness classes and loving every single moment of the study.  With great excitement, I look forward to helping you and your family find simple, effective means to wellness!  It may have seemed like I fell asleep at the wheel, but I have really been knee deep in a wonderful mess of papers, lessons, and many many late nights.  Now time to refocus on this happy work started here at RethinkWellnessHub and now CONTINUED UNDER A NEW NAME!

Allow me to introduce…

  Counter Culture Wellness!


I pray that this journey will bless others as we all share what works, what energizes, what restores our health!

I am feverishly (in the healthiest of ways) working to radically ramp up my site to offer more recipes and research and encouragements!  A newsletter is a new passion for me.  I call it the ChooseBetterNewsletter… a way to connect and share short summaries of great wellness tips and inspiration.  You are invited to read more about the mission once you land on my remodeled website.  banner-idea-2-300x50

If you have been following through my occasional posts, then you don’t need to re-submit your email address on my new locale.  Your membership transferred with this site!  (And if for any reason you are not happy with receiving my weekly ChooseBetterNewsletter, you can absolutely unsubscribe at any time.  ‘twould make me sad, but just so you know.)  Also, just in case a new visitor finds this little post and has not previously joined this sweet community, then WELCOME!  Click on over to the new site with the links below and sign yourself up!

Ahem. Now, pals, a moving poem.moved..

One more step to make the move,

One little click to join the groove,

Please don’t wait to stay in touch

Your visits… well… they mean so much!

Yea. Sorry.  And no, Hallmark isn’t knocking… 🙂

With much gratitude for this shared journey! 

May the Lord bless you as you walk each day in the light of His face.

And here is that magic button if you want to browse around.  Your feedback is always welcome… Click here for the new look!

Joyfully yours,  Deana

11188338_1570532746545129_6869656421937310885_nP.S.  This is my last post in this location.  Moving is never easy, but this is a really good thing.  The new site gives me many more options for posting content.  I am crazy excited also about some Video Classes that I’ve been designing to help Reset, Rethink, Restock, and ReHAPPY our lives!  They will be added to the new site soon… this simple framework here could not support these clips, so I found a better framework at the new location.  Can’t wait to see you on the other side of the big ole click


With Joy,


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