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Coconut Mango Kefir…


Move over cherry!  Love, love this flavor combination!  My husband agrees…

Quart fresh second fermented kefir

Cup or so of frozen mango chunks (I used ones from Trader Joe’s frozen section)

Heaping tablespoon of coconut oil (Garden of Life is my favorite organic brand!)

Dollop of raw honey

All together in the blender for just a minute.  It is so creamy divine.  I think the coconut oil gives it a special smoothness that lifts the texture to a new level.  The coconut and mango taste is just delicious.  

And tastes even better in such pretty little cup and saucer.  Just for the sheer extra delight… the greatest things are the littlest ones!

Bottoms up! 

And don’t miss a few more scrumptious kefir recipes posted just for you.  Find another by clicking here!

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