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Orange Cinnamon Honey… oh yeah!


just a few strips of orange zest do the trick!

Well… just can’t say enough about this flavor combination for kefir!  It is absolutely divine!  You might have heard this before… but another fav!

peel from several strips of an organic orange

cinnamon to taste

organic raw honey to taste

THAT’S IT!  Use about a quart of kefir.  Place several strips of orange peel (zest) into the kefir jar.  Leave on counter for 8 hours or so.  Strain orange peels out and place in fridge.  When chilled, blend in cinnamon and honey (use blender of vitamix or nutribullet to get all flavors really swirled together).  The deep tones of orange are absolutely delicious with the cinnamon and honey!  Keep in fridge, of course, and enjoy.  Mine doesn’t last long!  (For a few more delicious kefir recipes, click here and head on over.)

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