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The top words of 2013 – very revealing!

Heard in the news- talks of the day that both Oxford Dictionary and Webster-Merriam have announced the “Words of the Year!”  Evidently the most used words of the year earn this special distinction.  Internet search engines reveal the most searched topics, and this year’s words are… drum roll here… “selfie” and “science!”  Congratulations!

In light of the movement to rethink wellness, it is super interesting that the focus over the last year has been on self-made pictures of ourselves and science.  Could it be that putting the two together gives some insight into the biggest themes of our lives today?  Surely!  Perhaps, the distinct words reveal our shift toward something that radically affects every selfie and falls under the category of science… could it be that WELLNESS brings these two word of the year together?

Ah-hah!  See how all wagons are circling round the same fire?  It is hard to get on with living without experiencing personal wellness!  It is the pillar that radically supports all other purposes and efforts and dreams of our lives!


Happy Happy!

So, way to go, Folks!  Let’s keep the focus!  Let’s retake what is of profound  value!  You can recover!  You can take more beautiful selfies as the science of  the body is understood and respected!  You have every reason to smile really  big!  Say cheese!  Better yet… go get yourself some delicious raw cheddar and  grab your kiddos and squeeze everybody in the shot!

We are getting  energized, getting stronger, and capturing these huge grins every chance we  can!

Next year’s words… hmm… what about “kefir” or why not, “amazing recovery  stories?”

Congratulations to this year’s winners!  You and me!

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