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What if there was something so good for you that you could eat it for wellness, slather on your skin for pure moisturizing, even derive non-toxic household cleaners from it?  What if it smelled divine, tasted heavenly, and was hearty enough to stay on your kitchen counter without even the need for refrigeration?

As I consider all the marvelous natural helps available to us, I just have to sing a song about one that should top the list!  Rethinking wellness has certainly led me to the base of a coconut tree!  Can’t find Gilligan, but now I know what Thurston and Lovey were always sipping!  COCONUT OIL!  A perfect food!  A perfect cleanser!  A perfect fat!  A perfect many things…!  Have you tried it?  Do you know what it can do for you?  


Rethinking wellness has led me to several tiers of understanding about the way the body is rejuvenated.  As mentioned on previous pages, what we breathe in, lather on our skin, and what we flood into our digestive tracts radically, and I do mean radically affects our WELLNESS!

We are literally choosing to congest or to complement our bodies with every squirt of lotion and every swallow!

With that in mind, let’s welcome coconut oil to the center stage!  Or actually, welcome coconut oil to our kitchen counter and our bathroom vanity and our pet food shelf!  I can’t wait to tell you why…

Let’s start with the fat truth.  Coconut oil is one of the best sources of perfect fats for the body!  For years I believed the lie that low-fat is best.  I found great joy in the low-fat/ no-fat treats abounding in every grocery aisle.  My favorite, jelly bellies, had no fat at all.  Forget the pounds of refined sugar, the food dyes, the preservatives, the synthetic flavorings!  I only focused on the very advertised and obvious fact that these little flavor sensations were indeed fat free!  I reasoned that with fats being evil and avoided at all costs, any low-fat or no-fat treat must be a good choice for that afternoon drop in energy.  (and well… NO, Deana.  Those “drops” were your wilting adrenal glands as they wimpered and sputtered!  If I had known then, what I know now…)  Fats are vital to your vitality, but cautiously hear that word, “fats”.  The right sort of fats is what we all need!  There are indeed good fats and bad fats.  Coconut provides the body with fats that yield fabulous systemic benefits!

So many of our vitamins and nutrients must ride into our cells on the wagon of fats.  Without the right fats, every cell in the body is under-performing all of its many functions.  Brains cells are especially affected by insufficient fat in the body!  In fact, your brain is mostly fat!  About 60% fat, actually!  Good bye jelly bellies, hello coconut!

Well, folks, did you just hear the news?  HELLO BUTTER!  A very good fat!  Just take a moment and savor that thought.  Melting butter on your favorite sweet potato.  Wow.  Now, add to that little splendid pleasure another beautiful taste fantasia:  coconut oil!  (But not just for your sweet potato!)  You might be like me if coconuts haven’t dazzled your daily dishes over the past years of low-fat blah blah.  We just don’t have coconut trees growing here in east Tennessee so my experiences with coconuts are few.  Almond Joys and Mounds candy bars sure made me grin.  That counts.  Sort of.  OK, not really.  My grandmother could make the best coconut cake (miss you Mommy Cile!) and my husband’s aunt is queen of coconut cream pies (drooling about a slice just now, Aunt Rose).  Nobody can bake a more perfect pound cake than my mother’s coconut dream!  We can probably all agree that the flakes of coconut have made their impact on our baking indulgences, but it is the oil that has made its way into my wellness!  If you aren’t using this wonderful food daily, then you have a real treat in store! coc smoothie

Let me highlight some of the reasons we should all be “wow-ing” ourselves with coconut oil!  Consider these wonders…

  • Coconut oil has remarkable power to destroy harmful microbes in the forms of bacteria or viruses or protozoa.  Many natural disinfectants and cleansers are now based on coconut to effectively clean our homes without any harmful toxins being released into our air.
  • For a balanced gut, coconut oil is one of the most amazing foods!  It effectively fights viruses and even dangerous bacteria!  Coconuts have remarkable amounts of lauric acid which is converted into monolaurin as it is digested in the gut.  What does that do, you may ask.  Well, this is certainly the reason that coconut oil has been used for centuries medicinally, even though the science has been only recently explained.  This lauric acid actually weakens the cell wall of the pathogens that we don’t want roaming around in our gut and wreaking havoc.  The result:  these pathogens cannot multiply and will die off!  For this reason alone, we should all be adding coconut oil to our diet. Some pathogens that have shown themselves greatly inhibited by this action include the influenza virus, measles, herpes, and even HIV!
  • Coconut oil wonderfully restores the lipid balance in our system, and the skin is another area of the body where the effects are evident!  Dry and irritated skin greatly improves!
  • Coconut oil is a fantastic cooking oil.  It can be used in higher temperatures and does not go rancid as other oils do.  Olive oil, for example, should not be used in cooking for this reason.
  • Coconut oil has a very stable shelf life.  It won’t go bad in your pantry after even many months.  Once you experience the benefits, you won’t have it sitting that long anyway.
  • Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid that your gut is able to easily digest.  The liver happily converts the coconut oil into energy — not fat!  And NO insulin spike results from enjoying coconut oil!                                       coc oil

Are you convinced that this little delight might offer some great help for you?

Here’s my most recent coconut oil testimonial…  The opinions shared are my very own and do necessarily represent the writer of this blog!

When life seems somewhat chaotic with a college student, a senior in high school, a junior in high school, new career for the husband, a new home, new curriculum for teaching middle schoolers, two cars in the throws of old age and another in car hospice, looming holidays, teaching teenagers to drive, patching roofs, and fermenting foods, be sure that you listen to good reason and do something calming and easy.  Something to get your mind off your own world.  Just go get a puppy.  Now there.  Life wasn’t full enough.  We were just missing something.  We found it.  A puppy, with puddles, poop, and play toys!  

My daughters somehow convinced me that it was time for a puppy.  Yes.  I must have lost my mind.  Obviously need a bit more coconut oil than I thought.  “NZ” is her unusual name because my daughter is wild about New Zealand.  It happened like this… We found ourselves just randomly visiting the animal shelter.  Cute puppy was using those little brown eyes to steal the heart.  I thought a quick call to hubby would stop all the pandering.  No.  It was a conspiracy.  He was in.  $150 bucks, snip snip surgery, and free bag of chow later, we were all home with a three month old cutie pie.  She is oodles of energy.  Now, keep in mind that this is a coconut oil post and testimonial.  Here comes the testimonial!  

All 4 girls

My four girls!

Sadly, we noticed that her skin was bothering her terribly.  She had dry flakes all over her little brown fuzz, and she literally itched every two minutes.  She also left runny poop behind her when she went outside on “business” trips. Hmmm.


I began giving her about 1/4 cup of kefir daily, which she loved I might add, and a heaping teaspoon or two of coconut oil on top of her dry puppy food.  She did not really care for the oil at first.  She smelled it and then licked it.  By day three, she was going crazy licking the bowl.  She actually learned to recognize the sound of me opening the jar, and she would sit wagging her wiry tail as I scooped out the oil and fed it to her.  She LOVES it now!  Three weeks have passed.  I stopped the kefir after about a week as her poop (sorry for being so blunt) returned to normal.  The kefir was doing what is does so obviously well!  Gut balance!  (And for more thoughts on this miracle food of kefir, be sure to click here to read the series!) And guess what?  NZ’s skin has no more dry flakes!  I haven’t noticed her itching at all in the past several days!  Her coat is coming in thicker now and has a wonderful healthy gloss to it!  No doubt, getting the coconut oil inside her little system made the big difference!  I am amazed again at the benefits of a little coconut oil!

My family has also found coconut oil soothing and healing with outbreaks of eczema!  Let me repeat… Unbelievably SOOTHING and HEALING!

And then something unusual and surprising happened for me!  I had been eating the oil daily for about five days.  I know.  Eating spoonfuls of coconut oil might just sound as if I have become a wee bit on the radical side.  But.  Well.  Wait.  Yes… I have!  Just a couple of tablespoonfuls a day when I realized that I had lost many of my sugar cravings! Since it does prevent the bad guys from over-populating the gut, and since they are the ones that demand more carbs and sugars as their food supply, it seems logical that the loss of sugar cravings comes from the addition of coconut oil!  I can walk by the jelly bellies with nary a second glance!  And I KNOW it is doing something miraculous for my thyroid.  (Another post coming soon!)

So how can you add it to your day?  Great question… it has become my oldest daughter’s favorite body oil!  We keep jars on our bathroom vanities and slather it all over after a shower.  It is so soothing and smells divine!  Try it!

My husband and I add it to our coffee and hot teas and kefir smoothies!  My favorite dip recipe uses coconut oil too.  (You can click here for the recipe.)  Yummy!  Love, love the flavor!

Adding coconut oil to your skin and to your digestive system and to your brain is going to bring you so many blessings!  Be sure to pay attention to the sort you buy.  Organic extra-virgin, raw, non gmo is my favorite!  I love the flavor of the oil, but there are varieties available that have reduced the coconut-y flavor for those who don’t prefer it.

To sum it all up…


Our little pup, “NZ.” WILD ABOUT COCONUT OIL!

Purity on the Skin, Nourishment Within, Cleansing of our Den!


Get some coconut oil and indulge yourself with wellness!  And just go ahead — get a puppy too!

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