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FEAR NOT! The 2014 Campaign!

A simple pleasure.  A simple reflection on the year as it comes to a close.  Join me?  flower bud

I think there is something quite beautiful in this deep pause and reset.  Nothing really changes at 12:01 on January 1, 2014.  Just another tick on the timepiece of existence as we know it.  Yet, the moment offers a simple gift.  A natural ebb and flow of the rhythms of living, and this is the breath to hold-in just an extra second to look around, look backward, cast a glance forward.  Exhale and then gently step in the chosen direction with a bit more sincerity.


Without a doubt, one of the best gifts of 2013 for me was the releasing of long-held FEAR!

This was actually quite unexpected! It seemed that as understanding would flood my mind, I experienced a fuller breath… a deeper inhale and exhale.  With every ah-ha moment, and there were many this year, I was mentally and emotionally packing up boxes of fears...

The fears of health concerns

The fear of the what-ifs

The fear of why did my body do this to me

The fear of mysterious inner workings that seemed to betray me year after year

The fear of more prescriptions causing imbalances that could not be helped

The fear of watching my loved ones suffer without hope

So many fears… gently packed away now in boxes.  Cemented shut!  Labeled appropriately… “Hashimotos Thyroiditis” “Ulcerative Colitis” “Eczema” “Arthritis” “Headaches” “Depression” etc, etc!  The pile now is quite towering.

Those dark boxes, now forever sealed shut, have all been loaded on a ship that’s been pushed from the harbor of my mind… set on fire even.  Never to be returned!  Gone!

If you have read the BLESS the GUT series, then you will understand this silly analogy:  As if fears were the pathogens or undesired microbes, the knowledge being the good bacteria has overpowered the enemy within and WON!

I am so grateful to the Lord for all He has been sharing with me.  Prayers for understanding have been answered with great surprise and joy.  One of the most amazing additions to this new knowledge has been the diminishing of space in my day for fears.  I don’t suppose I even realized how much space these fears were occupying in my heart and mind.  Baffling now to know.  Shameful, actually.

It is such a wondrous gift to me though.  Gaining knowledge has given me new love and appreciation for the human body!  Sounds silly, but tis true.  I have new joy as I marvel at the inner workings and the delight of the inner symphony.

And, I have a significant role to play in keeping these inner workings humming along.  (You do too!)

Rethinking wellness has uncovered the power of complementing rather than congesting this living tent.

Rejuvenation is completely possible!  9

The body cries out to be put into balance!  This is the purpose behind every ache and pain!  Becoming a listener and a mindful participant in my own wellness has blessed me abundantly.

Thank you for joining in my musings.

With all my heart, I pray your new year finds you seeking answers from your Maker.  I pray you don’t ever give up on living with energy and vitality!

Living in the rhythms of wellness pours forth boundless resources for all that you dream of and plan for and love!  As long as we are here, let’s commit to being our very best!

Remember, one better choice at a time.  Small shifts will get us to the goal.  If you are the “new year resolution making type,” then I would like to suggest a resolve for knowledge.

Learning leads to empowering the daily choices.  If we have understanding to root ourselves in growing behaviors, then we will have the foundation to hold us steady when the busy-ness of life taunts and discourages.

Always happy to walk with you!  Thank you for sharing some moments of your journey here!

Some great ideas for you are just clicks away.  Kefir is one of the very best suggestions for… well… the world really.  It would be a joy to show you the steps… and they are so simple!  Please visit the KEFIR DETAILS PAGE.

opening of a flower

  God Bless You as you step into the next tick on the timepiece of your life!  2014!  

This new year… lose the fear!  

What do ya say?  Are you in?

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