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In 5th grade my teacher, Mrs. Spears, told the class to create a poem.  Something silly with a simple rhyming pattern.  The final draft revealed a lot about the diet patterns that have shaped the “wellness” of our aging population…

I washed my hair in butter —

to make all my curls stay.

My mom yelled, “Oh no!  Not butter!”

I answered, “No ma’am.  Parkay!”


The year was 1979!  The margarine marketing was so effective that even a 5th grader could quote the commercials!  If you are over 40, you might remember the ads.  Marketing.  It is such a powerful tool, isn’t it?  We receive subtle messages by the thousands each day.  Filing and filtering the content, our brains categorize everything.  After receiving the same messages for so long, the brain becomes desensitized.  Ideas, products, people who once stood out as odd, negative, or dangerous slowly become acceptable, believable, and embraced.  Voila!  We’re sold.  I think a great blog to work on should be called… “rethink Marketing.”  As in, WAKE UP AMERICA!  And before I leave this paragraph, I just have to throw out this little annoyance:  if I hear one more drug commercial I think I might get rid of my cable.  Uh… well… I already did that.  But, I mean, if I read one more drug commercial in a magazine or on the side of some interesting internet article, I think I might… I might… oh, I need a suggestion here.  How gullible are we, folks?  Cure your Athlete’s foot, but dismiss the seizures and blindness?  These are just “normal side-effects” being reported by some people. (Like your aunt, your friend, your Grandma, your baby!  It’s not ok that “some” are reporting side-effects.) 

OK.  Sorry.  Blood pressure is normalizing now.  Just give me a sec.  I am getting some butter…

butter picBUTTER!  My wonderful topic.  Folks, do you know that butter is an excellent source of fat… delicious and vital saturated animal fat!  I know, you might be cringing.  See what I mean about marketing?  We have been so misled.  “Low-fat” is simply bad nutrition.  Nature is not “low-fat.”  The idea that we need less quality dietary fat is a man-made idea which has proven to damage the digestive health and the brain and the heart and every cell in the human body!

Every cell in the body is at least 50% saturated fat!  (The brain cells are even a higher percentage!)  When we send in altered fats like margarine or “heart healthy” spreads, we are forcing the body to send out more cravings for carbs and sugars.  The body needs these blocks to build its own saturated fats since we are not providing any through our diets.  Insufficient supplies of saturated fats, like butter, cause distortions in the cell membranes.  This weakens the body’s ability to communicate cell to cell.  We are adding unnecessary stress to our brilliant system.  Julia Childs really did know best!

And did you know that all the vegetable oils that are such a part of our Standard American Diet (SAD) causes our skin cells to be extra delicate.  Sun damage is magnified when our fats are coming from these inferior sources.  Our skin tells the tale… wrinkles, brown spots, lack of elasticity!  The very happy news is that the body can HEAL!  Simply removing these insufficient fats from our tables and replacing the fats with good ole, deep yellow, organic butter will actually make us look younger over time!

Another wonderful benefit of using butter is simply the calm that it brings to our edgy nerves.  Our emotions settle.  Butter is so soothing to the human body… stabilizing blood sugar is certainly part of the reason for this wonderful sense of control that butter brings.  Also, the brain simply functions better, makes better connections cell to cell with diets rich in fine quality animal fat like butter!

butter meltWe haven’t even touched the topic of the fat soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, and K2!  Grass-fed, organic butter is a wonderful source of this beautiful trinity — rich with health promoting treasures.  These three vitamins work cooperatively to beautify your skin, heal your gut lining, direct calcium out of soft tissues (where you definitely don’t want it) and into the bones or teeth (where it belongs), stabilize your blood sugar, and reduce sugar cravings!

Research shows that all those so-called “healthy options” of margarine were greatly contributing to heart disease!  Heart health is actually improved with the addition of butter!  I found it utterly fascinating to read in Sally Fallon’s work, Nourishing Traditions, that the man who invented the electrocardiograph machine for detecting blockages in heart arteries was basically told to find a more “profitable branch of medicine” by his colleagues at Harvard.  This was because so few folks actually experienced heart disease in his era… circa 1920!  WHAT?  And today, the CDC indicates that 600,000 deaths occur every year in our country from heart disease!  This is nearly 40% of all deaths in our country annually!  Let me repeat… heart disease is THE LEADING cause of DEATH in our beloved land!  The change over the last 100 years is catastrophic! (We can’t say for sure that removing butter as an excellent source of dietary fat and replacing with all manner of vegetable oils and trans fats is the only reason for this devastating statistic, but research certainly indicates that it is a powerful, influencing factor.  The massive shifts in the processing of milk are also quite significant contributors to this tragedy!  More on that topic soon…)


And you know what has not even been mentioned yet?  We aren’t talking about adding some disgusting tasting, good-for-you-so-you-better-find-a-way-to-get-it-down food.  We are talking about delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, silky butter!

butter swirlYELLOW DIVINITY!


Believe it or not, some days I find it more satisfying than chocolate!  Just a nice bite full.  Not every day, but some days!

favorite butterSo Friend, please go right now and clear out the fake yellow mush in country crocks or sticks of foil.  You are on a rescue mission!  Get yourself to the store or the farmer’s market for some excellent grass-fed, organic butter, which, by the way, is almost entirely lactose free (less than .01 grams per tablespoon as compared with 13 grams in a cup of milk)!  My favorite brand is pictured here.  I also love to find “cultured, organic and grassfed butter” at the local food co-op.  The deeper the yellow, the better the quality!  And don’t growl when you see the price.  Your heart is worth it!  You might not need that wrinkle cream any more anyway!

And if you are so fortunate as to know Bessie… give her a great big hug for us all!

Rethink the possibilities! Friend — Rethink your PETS!  Could Fido share the yard with Bessie?  Just wondering…

Be sure to check out the other amazing benefits Bessie has been providing over the centuries!  KEFIR!  Click here to find a recipe idea or two.  And with all the concern about lactose-intolerance these days, do yourself a favor and discover 99% lactose-free KEFIR!  Do-able even for those who cannot tolerate lactose! (Another great reason for me to get to that post on milk.  The reason for so many lactose concerns in the first place… a new problem that previous generations simply did not have.  Much to share!  Stay tuned…)

bessie cow

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