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How ’bout CHEESE!


If you are already making kefir, then this creamy, healthy cheese will be so crazy easy to make!  

kefir cheese makingYou will need the same strainer and large glass bowl you normally would use when making kefir, and you need one extra item.  A coffee filter.  That’s it folks!

Place the coffee filter in the strainer.  Place the strainer over the large glass mixing bowl.  Take a cup or two of fresh kefir (this can be first cultured kefir actually… without the added second fermenting step) and simply pour it into the coffee filter.  Cover with a plate or plastic wrap.  Place carefully in the refrigerator for 24 hours.  The kefir solids will gather in the filter, and the cultured whey will drip into the glass bowl.

YOU JUST MADE KEFIR CHEESE!  Do a little jig to release the excitement, and then return to the post to see what you can make now that you have mastered kefir cheese.

Ok, now.  Just scrape the kefir cheese from the coffee filter into a bowl with an airtight lid.  The cheese will be good for 3 to 4 weeks in the refrigerator!

kefir cheese making2Before we get to a recipe for the kefir cheese, please know that the cultured whey is an absolute golden product.  Very pricey cleansing drinks are made by Beyond Organic (a great company for impeccable quality foods and supplements) using cultured whey with fruit juices and quality water and some flavor oils.  Although this post is not going into details about the whey, I just wanted to mention that it is well worth exploring the options!  The whey can be used also to culture vegetables.  If you choose to toss it aside for now, perhaps make plans to explore all the many things that whey can do for your health in the near future.  As you enjoy using kefir cheeses, kefir whey shouldn’t be overlooked.  I will work on posting some specific ideas soon.  (And I would so welcome any of your ideas too!  Please comment at the bottom of this post.  Love, love hearing from you!)

kefir cheese2Let’s get back to the kefir cheese…  it can be used in all sorts of recipes.  Kefir cheese will have a bit of a sour taste compared to cream cheese, but it will also add wonderful probiotics to all your creations — assuming you don’t heat them.  (Remember that heat does kill the good bacteria from the kefir, but the vitamin and mineral content is still bio-available.)  To be completely honest, I don’t drink my kefir plain, and I don’t eat my kefir cheese plain either.  Maybe one day I’ll choose to be a kefir purist, but for now, I need more flavor, flavor, flavor.  Nevertheless, kefir cheese is wonderful as a supporting, creamy, probiotic boost to countless recipes!

Dips are some of the best recipes for kefir cheese.  Here is a delicious one to try:

Empowered GUACAMOLE!

2 ripe avocados mashed

1 onion minced

1/2 cup of kefir cheese

1 small tomato chopped

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

sea salt to taste

juice from 1/2 lime (or lemon works too)

Stir ingredients together and chill for an hour before serving with your favorite chips or cucumber slices or carrot sticks.  I love this guac dip just on a spoon!

 Hope you enjoy the dip recipe!  Ole’!


  1. Karen VanDyk
    February 24, 2014

    Hi Deana. I made kefir cheese once and was disappointed because I was expecting it to be like cheese that I could eat without mixing it with other ingredients. This recipe sounds great and I look forward to trying it. I’m also interested in salad dressing recipes that incorporate kefir or kefir cheese. I get tired of oil & vinegar types. Have a great week!

    • dea perkins
      February 25, 2014

      Thanks, Karen, for the comment! True, true. I really need flavor added to the kefir cheese. I find it works quite well in a supporting role, but not as the main ingredient. Hope you get a chance to try the guacamole recipe soon. And good suggestion… I plan to post soon on dressings. Blessings to you!

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