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A power breakfast made WHILE YOU SLEEP!

Great little recipe idea for all the kefir fans…


1/2 to 1 cup kefir

1/3 cup quick cooking oats (gluten free of course, but don’t “prepare” them – leave dry)

favorite fruits — we have been using frozen blueberries and frozen mango

1/2 – 1 teaspoon chia seeds

favorite nuts — optional of course, but pecans or walnuts taste delicious

breakfast parfait2At bedtime, blend some of the frozen fruit into the kefir.  Stir in chia seeds and unprepared, dry oats.  Pour into small glass dish and seal with lid.  Place in refrigerator. Now, go get some zzzs! 

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?  But hang on… while you are snoozing away on that fluffy pillow… running from giant Monsanto corncobs or getting sucked into whirlpools of fruity pebbles or dancing with sugar crumbs or fainting at your middle-school-locker-that-won’t-open-because-you-forgot-the-lock-combination… again… or   WAKE UP!  It’s only a bad dream.  Whew.  OK.  Right.  Um…  Go check the refrigerator!  There’s a sweet surprise for ya…

A scrumptious breakfast just waiting for a spoon!

Overnight the oats will have softened into oatmeal!  The chia seeds, which are unbelievably healthful for the digestive tract, will have become a bit softer as well!  (ahh — so magical really.)

Pull from the refrigerator a ready-to-eat kefir oatmeal!  Top with some additional fruit or maybe stir in a little honey at this time.  Throw in those nuts if you like.  breakfast parfait

Each bite is hearty and loaded with goodness!  A GREAT option for grabbing and eating on the go!

I have to mention that oatmeal is not my favorite texture, but my husband is just crazy about this new breakfast item.  Several sites use a similar approach with yogurt, but kefir works wonderfully well in this combination.  (And we all know the kefir packs much more goodness than yogurt, right?  Right!  If you need a review click here.)   The flavors are only limited by our creativity… so many fruit and nut combinations to dazzle the taste buds!

Hope you enjoy the probiotic power breakfast!

To find another kefir recipe idea, click here  To work through your concerns about disturbing dream sequences, please click out of this blog, and call your sweet mom… or your best bud… or take a couple days off… or all of the above…

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