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AUTISM: Breath-taking Announcement!

Did you hear it today in the news?  



toddlerAre we not gasping for breath and ANSWERS?

This number represents an increase of 30 PERCENT in the last TWO YEARS!

Where will this take us and what sorts of alarming statistics are necessary to shock us into questions questions questions in search of definitive answers!

What if there were REAL solutions?  What if the body and brain could actually HEAL?  What if the diagnosis of autism could truly be reversed?  Does anyone believe it?  Are we only to help parents cope and manage and bury the dreams they envisioned for their beloved little ones?

I have three names to toss into the air above our heads…

First… JESUS.  He designed perfectly and has a master plan for our existence.  He gave every body an innate healing mechanism.  Let’s pray this through.

Dr. NatashaSecond… Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  Her 3 year old son was diagnosed with autism years ago, but he is wholly recovered and finishing college with NO, repeat, NO diagnosis of autism anymore!  THE HEALING HAPPENS AS THE DIGESTIVE TRACT IS TENDED AND NOURISHED.

Let’s let that sink in… autism can be arrested and even REVERSED.  It is not a permanent diagnosis, but many simply do not know.  Many do not believe help through food is reliable.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield believes the health of the gut is so questionable in our toddlers that the added stress of vaccinations (especially the MMR vaccine) becomes a mind-bending burden for these tiny bodies.  He says that autism is a direct result of this combination.dr. wakefield  He lost his practice as a pediatric gastroenterologist for such a declaration.  He also lost his medical license.  He challenged the big drug companies with his findings, and the personal attack was meant to destroy his message.  (I ordered my mocha next to him last fall while at the Weston Price Nutrition Conference.  Felt like I was standing with royalty.  So gracious and unassuming in person.) He still studies and works through private funding and preaches this message to the world.  Many are listening, and many are finding reason to question the routines of vaccinating our babies.

dr. wakefield2Many are also following protocols tried and proven with thousands of children around the world who are recovering from autism and other mental disorders as taught by Dr. Campbell-McBride from her base in London.

If you know of a family carrying the weight of autism, please find your way to the internet and google.  Research these names.  Read.  Study.  Join forums for discussion.  The lives of our children are too precious to ignore this remarkable avenue of hope and astounding success.

Please take the time to read about gut health.  It affects every one of us!  Clicking here will swiftly redirect you to a series I wrote recently about this stunning system of the body and its relationship to our total picture of wellness. I have learned so much about the power of digestive health.  It is a joy to share some amazing encouragement with you regarding real hope for our wellness!

And BIG Hugs to all those loving a precious autistic child today.  helping child


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