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If you really, truly unearthed a buried treasure, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

treasure chestSeriously!  If you were passionately searching for treasure and you dug down deep and you hoisted out of the muddy hole an ornate box loaded with precious jewels and purest gold, what would you do?  Now let’s be sure to mention that this so-called treasure was unearthed in your own backyard!  What would you do?

After the initial fascination and awe, would you be overwhelmed with the joy of bringing it to the attention of others?  Me too!

And what if the treasure was truly “magical?”  I mean, what if you were so compelled to give a piece of the dazzling jewelry to your precious, needy friend only to return to your box and find another piece that wasn’t there before?  And then you give away another golden trinket to another dear, hungry neighbor, and again, the box presents a new prize in its place!

What sort of joy would you be experiencing now?  

This miraculous treasure chest would have restored opportunity and joy and daily needs and comforts and helps for ALL!

As I journey with the Lord through this lifetime, He offers so much adventure and so many things to learn!  Without a doubt, a remarkable treasure chest He led me to discover was KEFIR GRAINS! These remarkable little living bundles work around the clock on my kitchen counter creating divine kefir for my family!  I provide the best milk I can find without owning the cow myself, and my grains do the work of creating health-inducing gold! And the best part is, the grains grow and multiply and create ample supplies to be shared and shared!

I can’t keep these little growing treasures to myself!  With great joy, I was so very honored to teach over 90 folks how to make kefir this week at my chiropractor’s office!  Still amazing to me… To God be the glory!  If you could know how wildly straining it was for me physically just to make it to my chiropractor’s office only a couple of years ago, you would marvel too.  Kefir was the turn-around treasure for my body!  I plan on drinking it daily for the rest of my life! 

If you have kefir grains, I just want to encourage you to keep passing on your treasure to your circle of friends and loved ones.  (And if you haven’t started to share the gold, consider starting!)  Perhaps someone else’s body is stripped (like mine was) and really needing these little life-bringing bundles!  Nobody has to be an expert on kefir to share what you know and to give away a tablespoon of grains.  As we learn new things, we can keep each other informed!  a familyToddlers need kefir, elderly folks need kefir, everybody does… sick and well alike!  SOME will experience miraculous changes in their health, but ALL will find more energy and happier moods and stronger immune systems because of YOUR little gift! (Click here to read how kefir can do that.)  

And never-you-mind if your neighbor looks at you sideways when you explain what you’ve got to share… take courage!  They have probably never heard of such a food and may need a bit of explanation.  You can do that!  And by so doing, YOU can bless them with a gift that has the power to bless ALL of their future generations!  WOW!  Ponder that with me!  We all need neighbors and friends and loved ones willing to share with each other the really important things, don’t you think?  Wonder what else or Who else you might be able to introduce…

Let’s change the state of our country’s health… one neighbor at a time!  Share the treasure and be blessed!

In Joy, Deana


  1. dea perkins
    April 27, 2014

    Would love to hear a story from someone who has given away grains! How did it go?

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