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It’s NEVER TOO LATE to do something radical…  

like… uh.  Well, pry open the pantry and shine in the flashlight to really see the stash.

Would you please take a look at the inventory of this mom’s pantry as I raised my three daughters:

sadDoritos, sour gummis, fudge rounds and oatmeal cream little debbie cakes, goldfish crackers, captain crunch cereal, lucky charms, hostess muffins, cheetos, raviolis, oreos, keebler cookies, orange peanut butter crackers, pop tarts, skittles, fruit loops, fruit snacks, campbell’s chicken noodle soup, kraft mac and cheese, deli meat, kraft mayo, cream soda, coke, pepsi, sunny d, caprisun.

My favorite foods when we were away from the pantry and on the road:

burgermcdonalds biscuit and gravy, burger king whopper, taco bell burrito, krystals krystal, arbys roast beef with dripping horsey sauce, sonic route 44 anything, kfc fried chicken and mashed pots and gravy, zaxbys butter bread and chicken fingers and fries, buddy’s pork bbq and hushpuppies, long john’s fish and chips.

But slowly the commercials infiltrated this busy and concerned mother’s mind.  I shifted to subway because some cool olympic athletes and that other guy proved my choices could be improved!  I also began to leave behind the cokes, priding myself on graduating to something less sugar-laden and more mature… route 44 sonic coke zero with limes.  No more big burgers — just the dollar menu at wendys.

The extra pounds I carried and the weighty-ness of most folks around me became motivation for finally choosing different things at the grocery.  I was feeling better about my mothering.  As my choices began to shift, I bought into the logic of our culture’s “healthy alternatives.”  Now I know these were only de-natured and counterfeit foods, but at one time I  believed they were actually reliable helps.  I was one terribly deceived mom.  Look at what I began to purchase and devour and feed my family:  

fat free pringles, low-fat cereal bars, lower salt canned goods, special k cereal, fig bars, natural peanut butter, non-fat angel food cake, non-fat yogurt (but I couldn’t stand the taste so eventually I settled on low-fat yoplait yogurt), low-fat sour cream, skim milk, low-fat country crock margarine, cheeses pre-grated that were made from 2% milkfat, honey wheat bread, low-salt pretzels, low-fat ice cream and frozen yogurts, non-fat jelly bellies.

and slowly… but surely… my health…  LEFT ME.  (As in “so long,” “outta here,” “catchyalater”… maybe.) 

This slow-thinker finally landed on the hypothesis that perhaps I was indeed the responsible party for my own demise.

I was indeed the unintentional participant who caused such miserable effects.  A very sad confession.  A very sad state of health.

How could it be that while I was in the middle of making excellent “better” choices the chemical sensitivities and the raging anxiety and the hives and the meltdown oozed out from somewhere deep, deep within?  The body was waving the white flag.  I was stunned.  

That is where I finally saw it.  The fork in the road!  I crawled toward the other path and so began the journey of food and drink and how to think!  Rethinking wellness…

We might need to know some scary stuff so that our eyes open really wide.  We might have to experience scary stuff in our body!  We might need to hear some of the well researched foodie facts so our jaws drop in dismay instead of in anticipation of the next big bite of processed garb.  We might need to stop, drop, and roll away the cart of goods (or really… “bads”) from our kitchens; we have choices to make!  Please be sure to check out the links provided here for more details from great resources because, Friend…

90% of the American food supply is PROCESSED!cereal

Toxic chemicals are in every processed food!sad food

Although banned in most developed countries around the world, the US still allows GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOODS to fill our grocery shelves!  In fact, nearly all of the processed foods in our country contain Genetically Modified Foods like corn and soybean!corn syrup

Only 7% of calories consumed in America come from eating fruits and veggies!

Half of all “veggies” eaten are white potatoes!

And half of these white potatoes are eaten as chips and fries!potato chips

Did you know that the average soda consumption in our country is equal to 600 cans per person annually!soda cans

My responsibility to feed my family didn’t change until my own health fell apart.  Sad actually.  It seems we need some disaster to finally get our attention.  Well, I certainly had eyes wide open!  Desperation can lead to very rewarding change.  The changes that needed to happen for me to return to wholeness also affected my family’s food consumption since those decisions and purchases were in my realm of control.  It hurts my heart to realize how many years I punted my responsibility to nourish my family in the name of convenience!


love this!

How could it ever be that my babies were fed high fructose corn syrup and msg-laden, color-dyed “treats” while their bodies were undergoing such enormous growth and development?  Why did I not know better?  Why did it not matter before sickness chased me down?  I have no straight answer.

I am only so grateful that through my health trauma, my girls have become aware of some basics regarding simple ingredients and healthy practices.  Our family has changed.  Slowly and intentionally changed.  Continuing to bring home all of my family’s food from the aisles in the middle of Wally-World is no longer desired, acceptable, or even tolerable.  My food budget has doubled as I have shopped elsewhere, but over time our wellness has improved just as dramatically!  We are getting what we are paying for!

The changes in purchases and eating habits have been dramatic at the Perkins’ home, but they didn’t happen overnight.  Now, only a couple of restaurants serve foods which fit our new criteria and our budget — so we really are forced into the kitchen.  After all, it is our personal responsibility and our joy to fuel our bodies without toxins and preservatives and food dyes and additives.  food word

The Ball jar has become my favorite food storage vessel.  Raw nuts, almond and coconut flours, butter, kefir, fresh organic veggies and fruits in season, unrefined sea salt, cage-free and organic farm eggs, pasture-fed meats, raw cheeses, and honey!  These are some of the natural goodies that we blend to create our meals.  The meals are simple and easy and wholesome.  Few boxes and few plastic bags.  Fewer headaches and fewer viruses!

Perhaps you are already making great choices regarding food.  I was a slow learner.  Perhaps you have already experienced the goodness of real food coming from the warm soil of your own garden.  We are working hard at just such an endeavor!  If, however, you are still looking for simplicity in providing meals by opting for ready-made and mass-produced items, please be encouraged to take small steps in another direction… find your fork in your road!  Making bone broths has been one such small step for me.  (Check out this link for some tips!)  There can be joy in slowing our pace enough to wait for the honey to fall off the spoon.  Food is such a simple pleasure.  Without it, or without quality food actually, we really won’t need to worry about much else… our lives are truly being cut short because we have found other activities more important than preparing nourishing meals.  I am learning so much…  Hope you don’t mind my honesty. honey

Countless materials exist to educate our nation on food.  Here are some sites loaded with details.  The more we know, the easier it is to make the commitment to change.  Small steps in the right direction and soon your body will be thanking you!salad fork



SuperMarket Advice – a great 2 minute video clip for wiser shopping at the grocery!

Processed Food Secrets

GREAT VIDEO on changes in our diet that have landed us where we are today  (This video is fun to watch, but it is ultimately an advertisement for supplemental probiotics.  I have no experience with this product specifically but I do wholeheartedly believe in beneficial bacteria… and I am a big fan of getting these wonderful necessities from whole food treasures… like HOMEMADE KEFIR!)

Americans Eat the Cheapest of All and We All Know, We Get What We Pay for!

The Alarming Truths About GMO Foods   Super 5 minute video with facts, facts, facts that we all need to absorb and choices

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