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chocolate cookies1My daughter Lauren has a fabulous recipe creation that I am tickled to share with you.  I call these “Heavenly Chocolate Almond GF Cookies” and you simply must give them a try!  Lauren blessed my husband and me with a batch on the morning of our anniversary this week.  We party-ed early!

Lauren's executive womens award banquet 5.14

Here is my brilliant girl! Receiving scholarship award… so you KNOW her cookie recipe will be unbelievable!

She really did develop this recipe totally on her own.  Just Lauren and a mixing bowl!  She is brilliant!

Here you go chocolate cookie fans…

2 1/2 cups almond meal (again, we use Trader Joe’s)

1/2 cup organic brown sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

1/2 teaspoon real salt (or celtic sea salt)

1 cup organic raw sugar

1/2 cup room temperature organic butter

1/2 cup cocoa

1 farm-happy egg

1 cup organic chocolate chips (added last)

Mix together like you would with any cookie recipe.   The final ingredient to toss in should be the chocolate chips.  Be sure to stir them in by hand.  Place on an ungreased cookie sheet by spoonfuls.  Gently press down the cookie dough on the baking sheet to help them spread a bit when baking.  Place in a preheated oven (375 degrees) for 8 – 9 minutes.  Try to wait to enjoy until they have cooled on a wire rack.  ‘Twill be a challenge, but they are a bit crumbly until cooled.

Lauren and Deana at graduation

At graduation reception with one of her famous cookies in my hand. So proud of her!

AMAZING!  Truly AMAZING! And yet, I am often stunned when folks won’t try something that says “Gluten Free” as if it is inferior or too weird to put in the mouth.  I have certainly come to realize that home-made gluten free cooking/baking is actually superior in taste and goodness for the body.  We love to share these cookies with folks and then after they ask for the recipe mention, “Oh, by the way, they are gluten free!”

choc cookies and Jeff

I have to hide the cookies from her Dad!

And yes, they do have sugar.  We buy the best varieties of natural sugars we can afford.  We do not EVER use white sugar in our recipes, but the sugar content is certainly reason to enjoy these delightful morsels on special occasions, not a daily indulgence… until heaven?

If you would like another chocolatey recipe for your family, please click here to find an awesome brownie recipe made with similar ingredients.  

I hope your taste buds are dazzled with Lauren’s dough like ours are round this house!



  1. Jessica
    June 27, 2014

    These were delicious! ! I saw this recipe and it was less than 24 hours later that I had a batch in the oven! ! Yum! !

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