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They say we learn more about the future by examining our past.  For civilizations, for personal journeys, for goal setting…  all areas of our lives are enriched and expanded through the insights gained by looking backwards at the lives of others.  Don’t gaze too long because life is here and now and always moving us forward!  Yet, a pause to consider the wealth recorded for us all can bring a hefty serving of inspiration for our very next move.  If you feel like you’ve missed something crucial for being your very best, then please let me be a sign-post for a moment!

downloadHave I got some “direction” for you!

This morning I spent some time reading over previous posts here at Rethink Wellness, and I was again reminded about the awesome stories of others available for each of us through treasured life-works.  I want to post the link to my own little rethink library where I was challenged with the deep insights of awesome researchers and teachers who walked me out of profound physical misery.  Books truly build bridges from our sofas to the great minds of those with understanding well beyond our own.  When I went looking for what was missing in my physical state, I found the greatest gifts in these beloved books!

As I read volumes and volumes over these past couple of years, I “rethunk.”  And I am so very glad I did, because the shift in thinking and understanding truly made ALL the difference in my state of wellness.  I changed!  One little shift at a time!  Apparently, the accumulation of many, many miniscule changes has the power to raise a sunken ship!  (Pausing for a deep “THANK YOU” again to my Maker for His steadfastness in holding me together and teaching me through a near death sentence of exhaustion and mountains of physical woes… just a moment please.)

OK, I am back.  Sometimes the joy just pours down my cheeks like a river!  If you could have seen me two and a half years ago… stepping down from my job, suffocating in physical quick sand with no answers on the horizon…  And then know me today… back to teaching full-time with energy, and the mental calm of understanding!  (sniffle sniffle!)  I am just on my knees with gratitude!

If you are living with your heart on the pillow because the upside to your day is the “lay me down” time, please check out my list of recommended reading!

These are some of the finest voices for helping us all decode the misunderstood root of health.  You won’t be led astray!  And you won’t believe the difference that you can personally experience by simple things like…  Real food!  Kefir!  Sunshine!  Cultured foods (especially kefir… definitely worth repeating)! Good ole dirt!  And if things are just peachy for you, you will still find nuggets (no, logs really) of great truth to encourage you and lend insight for those in your world that are suffering.

wake up and liveClick, browse, and find fifteen minutes in your day to read for yourself.  I know that the insights gained will bless your search to find what’s missing in the equation for wellness that all of us seek.  (hint hint…  digestive health!  digestive health!  Can’t get to “healthy” without traveling down this road!  You might just want to click on over to read about the awesome power of digestive health.  I am so very happy to share this knowledge with you!  Bless the GUT series)  And please share some of your revelations with your sphere of influence!  We all need each other to spread the hope!  

Please click on through to the library here…  RETHINK LIBRARY LINK!

 Blessings… all day long!


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