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Green Smoothies AND Purple Power Boosts!

Taste buds in a slump?  Well. Well.  Have I got a flavor parade for YOU!

GREEN SMOOTHIES!  but Wait!  There’s MORE!

We swirl a lot of loud fruit and veggie concoctions lately with my (second) Nutribullet.  (Best kitchen gadget EVER!) nutribullet Some results have tasted…well… healthy.  Others have tasted taste-bud-popping-scrumptious!  With the recent extra pounds that I have added (and honestly it was a very fun chocolate run), I have turned to the green smoothie for counsel.  It’s going well. (Slow, but well.)

Are you, pray tell, in the SMOOTHIE CLUB too?

I find crazy middle-aged adventure in tossing together hilarious combinations.  What colors!  What textures!  What flavors!  Cucumbers, kale, spinach, celery, avocados, apples, mangoes, blueberries, bananas, kiwi, coconut, honey, and, and, and.  E I E I O !  It’s reminiscent of the kindergarten finger painting era of yesteryear only the yucky green color that always seems to emerge is to be swallowedinstead of taped to the fridge.

Well, you know, this ole gal started surmising that while green smoothies were cool and all, what if I could kick out the nutritional potential with my favorite fortification… PROBIOTIC POWERS?

Today was the day of experimentation!

And let me say… wow.  Wow.  WOW!

But first…

If you haven’t tried making cultured grapes, let me persuade you to check out this amazing super food.  Unbelievably simple to throw together, and the results are unlike anything I have ever tasted… in the best of ways!  I use a little ginger and a little honey to dance with the grapes.  caldwellsCaldwell’s Culture Starter is easy to order online, and it is KEY to hurrying along the natural process of fermentation so you aren’t waiting weeks for the finished product.  (Check out this Mercantile link where one click will magically escort you to Amazon’s page for ordering these tried and true packets for culturing POUNDS of veggies or fruits!  Seriously.  What in the world are you waiting for?  You are going to love this stuff!  And your body will thank you for each day of the coming years you will be adding to your life in so doing!  That’s a hefty claim.  Can’t offer you a guarantee, but why don’t you try it and just see how it goes and goes and goes?)  And the complete instructions for making these little purple prizes are shared by clicking this link.

Now to the recipe.  Husband and kiddo approved with thumbs waaaayyy up!  (And think of the green color as soft meadows of vitality or whatever else you might have to tell yourself so that the shade won’t dissuade your swigging.)green smoothie pic

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and definitely don’t judge a smoothie by its color!

Not only will a green smoothie bless your precious body with much appreciated vitamins and minerals and enzymes (from the raw goodies), but the probiotics that you add will also work to replenish your inner microbiome!  Now your immune system is being strengthened, your good bacteria are restoring proper balance, your neurotransmitters are being produced in healthy amounts, your absorption of all nutrients is now exponentially enhanced!  All because of a few gourmet grapes!


1/2 cup raw spinachsmoothie ingredients

1/3 of a banana

1/4 cup of blueberries (frozen is good too)

small organic apple (cored, of course!)

1 carrot

2 – 3 heaping tablespoons of cultured grapes (click here for recipe!)

delicious filtered water to cover veggiescultured grapes

Blend until smooth.  Chill.  The subtle ginger tones and the tangy grape-ness, I think that’s the secret here.  In my husband’s words, “This could be bottled and sold!”

Now that would be turning green into green!  But naaaw, I am delighted to share it with you!  Let’s rethink our foods and find ourselves again!

Wishing you lots of slurping and many green mustaches!

green smoothie





2 comments on “Green Smoothies AND Purple Power Boosts!

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  2. Jeff Perkins
    March 6, 2015

    as a first-hand taster of this delicious and healthy mixture..let me just admit my disappointment at not being able to finish my glassful. The whole mixture was quickly consumed by all in the house,,including my glass! Try it!

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