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17 YEARS of THYROID PILLS but NO MORE… you won’t believe this!

A thyroid MIRACLE to share!  An ANNOUNCEMENT to come!

moms goofy stuff4Today I take courage to share something truly remarkable and personal and potentially hopeful for you, if you have ever struggled with thyroid concerns… or even auto-immune conditions!  Sometimes the gladness of finding another who pines for physical freedom and a sincere shoulder to lean on, breathes fresh hope for something beyond the tough days.  I am not alone!  You are not alone!  With these thoughts in mind, I am tickled silly to share news with you of a remarkable change in my life!

Seventeen years is a really long time, wouldn’t you agree?  In 1997 as I was having my entire colon surgically removed, the surgeon was also doing biopsies on my THYROID.  No cancer was found, but my endocrinologist was concerned about “too many nodules to count” and wanted some answers regarding radically skewed blood levels of thyroid hormones.  I was the mother of a 37 month old, a 16 month old, and a 1 month old!  Major surgery was the supposed answer to remove all misery of 9 years of ulcerative colitis.  The experts had offered me all the Prednisone a body could endure, and the decision was made to avoid fatal cancer by radical removal of the entire colon.  I was 29 years old.  Scared, but well aware that without surgery my chances for seeing 35 were bleak, so the two radical surgeries were scheduled.  KEFIR and CULTURED FOODS, BONE BROTHS, etc. would have restored my health, but I didn’t learn about these heavenly healing foods until many years later.  I was slurping at processed food troughs without a clue!  So although the chapter of diseased colon was closed, the thyroid became the antagonist as the drama of wellness worry dragged on.  You know the saying… “We’ve got good news and bad news.”

The specialists gave a name to my troubles… my SECOND AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE.  Hashimotos Thyroiditis.

Let’s just fast forward 17 years…

Can I tell you one of the most beautiful things about rethinking wellness?  It’s the most surprising, the most fantastic outcome!  HEALING!  The profound exhilaration of witnessing health return to a body that bore a burden of illness and immune dysfunction for YEARS!  Carrying around crutches in little orange pill bottles with a specialist telling me, and I quote, “Deana, you will NEVER be able to go off your thyroid meds!  You cannot live without them.  Don’t try to go off of these hormones ever!”  And I “yes-sirred” him.  That was 2 years ago.  I had been covered in agonizing hives for 9 months and was having a benign growth removed from the parathyroid gland. (AUTO-IMMUNE DIAGNOSIS NUMBER 3!)

You see the pattern, right?  Once susceptible to auto-immune diseases, always susceptible.


Today… NO THYROID HORMONES!empty bottle

I have NOT taken thyroid meds since Dec. 23rd, 2013!

Changes in my diet were like the priming the engine.  Don’t drive a car with the parking brake on, right?  Just a silly little metaphor, and I don’t feel obliged to mention why that one just popped in my head.  (Uh. Don’t tell my teenage drivers.) But the body is designed to go, go, go, if we don’t send it nutritional confusion.

So how did I go off the thyroid hormones, (and off the female hormone supplements that I had also been taking for 16 years)?  

After several important dietary changes and a few other fascinating and simple shifts, I tried skipping a thyroid pill once a week.  Did that for a few weeks.  Then, once every 6 days.  Then, once every 5 days.  I don’t know if this was accomplishing anything other than giving me courage and hope that my body could function without the crutches.  I wanted to gently announce to the brilliant systems within that no artificial support was going to be continued.  WAKE UP!

Then, I just didn’t take my thyroid hormone pilltessaplease 358 two days IN A ROW.  Nothing.  No wacko tiredness.  Day 3.  Still good.  Day 8… couldn’t believe it!  Day 32… flipping out!

I asked my husband to keep observing me for mood swings, because of course, he is the mood-swinging expert!  (Like I had to ask him anyway, ahem.)  He said, “Deana… you have more energy than ever.  You seem to be sleeping well… no need for afternoon power naps or anything.  No shifting moody blues.”  Now that was coming from the guy who, lovingly over the course of 17 years of thyroid-roller-coasting would say at the occasional season of paranormal-wife-activity, “Honey, when was the last time you had your thyroid levels checked?”  Oh, I cringed with those little jabs, especially because the blood levels would always validate his hypothesis.  snap!  So believe me when I say that my husband was perhaps the most concerned about my desire to knock away the crutches.  AND, might I add, he has been the most amazed by the grand success (besides me)!

I have been without a thyroid prescription for many months now!  I have passed DAY 50, DAY 100, DAY 225… DAY 400! I plan to be without a thyroid prescription for the rest of my life!

I just have to repeat this:  SEVENTEEN YEARS with pills!  

That is more than 12,000 hormone pills!! 

1 2 , 0 0 0   P I L L S !


TODAY?  none.  NOT even ONE prescription PILL!

BUT you know what?  The changes I made to finally begin to listen to my body and to experience HEALING are all SO simple!  Really SIMPLE!

For several months I have been wrestling with the idea of writing the details of my walk to healing in a book.  Some days I thought it was a grand idea.  Other days I questioned my sanity.  (Again.) Afterall, who would want to read this anecdotal story from a lady with no medical degrees?  And then I finally reached this place of utter excitement because my heart shifted to YOU.  What if my healing could give insight for YOUR HEALING?  Wow.  To think that my suffering could be, in a way, redeemed… well, joy rushed into this gal’s heart!  The typing began!

Without a doubt, my story is just that.  My story.  And yet, we do all share the same basic biological systems, right?  (Nod, please.)  What if the practices that led to my returned health could help inform your insights towards your goal of wellness?   I am giddy with the thought!

Auto-immune diseases are everywhere… millions are plagued.  Let me say, there’s so much hope to heal!  Your body was made to heal!  Your body is desiring healing, but we have to retrain ourselves to listen.

So guess what?  My detailed story of overcoming Hashimotos Thyroiditis after 17 years of prescription dependence is almost complete!  With great excitement I am polishing up the last chapters now and look so forward to sharing soon.  Your prayers are so appreciated as I honestly and sincerely record the amazing journey to health!  When I began to rethink wellness, everything changed!  Everything on my plate!  Everything in my pantry!  Everything in my vanity too!  I’m so happy to share all the specifics!

If you are low on hope and lingering long on the sofa, dear one, I would like to invite you in a bit closer.  I hope you won’t mind me leaving you one final comment to this very lengthy post.  Actually, my last note here is just a sneak peek at the opening details of my personal story.  prayerThe first step I took when I needed radical intervention wasn’t really a forward motion.  It was a downward motion, a kneeling in the posture of prayer.  The BEST place to begin to find the answers to all of our questions, pains, problems.  Our Maker carried me, taught me in the most precious and tender way when I was totally spent.  I am confident that He hears every sincere prayer!  If you haven’t already, I would like to encourage you to put all your wilting weight on your knees and see what He graciously offers you.

I will keep you posted on the book.  When it is polished, I will happily post here on!  Until then, if you would like some specifics to begin thinking through, please click here and be escorted to more more more!

May you find new blessings in your personal journey today!  And thanks for visiting with me here online.  Your visit is the only reason for this blog… longing to encourage you with some really good news!

Because of Christ,





2 comments on “17 YEARS of THYROID PILLS but NO MORE… you won’t believe this!

  1. Karen VanDyk
    March 7, 2015

    Hi Deana, I’m thrilled to hear that you are writing a book about your healing journey with specifics that can help others….a great way to share the beauty that’s come from ashes for you.

  2. deana perkins
    March 8, 2015

    Karen, bless you!

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