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Many mysteries of the human body still entice researchers from around the globe to pour mind and energy into the hidden codes of the each cell, each molecule, each minuscule detail of life.  Yet, the protective blanket harboring these mysteries of untold knowledge is the most under-appreciated organ of the body.  Yep.


hands holdingRemarkable and fascinating, flexible and healing, insulating and breathing, stretching and sweating, absorbing and filtering, washable and “tan-able.”  Some societies respond in hatred or acceptance simply due to the pigment of it, and expressions of deepest affection depend upon the experience of touch through it. 


In spite of all the many reasons for gratitude regarding our largest organ, skin is certainly our most abused and misunderstood citadel to our wellness! 

Toxins are expelled through it as we perspire away impurities; yet, we suffocate these elimination pathways with deodorants and antiperspirants, which are chemically devastating compounds sucked right in to our bodies via the pores of our skin.  Vitamin D in synthesized on the surface of our birthdaysuit as glorious sunshine penetrates it, yet, we are slathering on protective shielding goop to save us from harmful rays.  What?  You do know that most skin cancer comes from the chemicals we are pushing into our pores from these plastic bottles of sulfates, petrochemicals, and synthetic fragrances, right? (and yet, without adding quality fats to our bodies, we have diminished our ability to benefit from sun exposure!  Be sure to read the post on BUTTER for more details!)  It has been reported from a study in Switzerland that the five most common ingredients in sunscreens cause cancer!  Not the sun, but the “protective” cream causes the cancer we are trying to avoid!

And while we are considering the miracle of skin, let’s understand the power of absorptionYou do know that the skin is the body’s sponge, right?  Try this:  place a fresh garlic clove on the sole of your foot and cover with a sock.  Note how long it takes you to taste the garlic in your mouth!  Shocking really.

You and I are truly absorbing through our skin everything we are touching… our detergents, soaps, lotions, makeup, shampoos, hair gels, perfumes, lip balms, deodorants, foot powder, shaving creams, bandaid adhesives, cheap metals from jewelry, even our plastic wrist watch bands!

What about the solutions we work with, but are not intended for our bodies?  Think about paint and bleach and nail polish remover and ink pens and shoe polish and motor oil and deck stains and chlorine pools and rubbing alcohol and you get the picture?  The skin is constantly filtering and sloughing off layer after layer of old, damaged, dead skin and quickly rebuilding new layers to keep you and me covered with this surface sentinel of wellness.  And yet, as efficient as this amazing organ is, we are throwing more toxins into our bodies than the skin can effectively keep out. 

baby hiding And it begins at birth!  I shudder to recall the little layers of “moisturizing” cheap stuff that I slathered over my daughters’ precious skin as wee little ones!  We never stop the goop.  We never stop to consider that all manner of chemicals don’t contribute to our well-being, rather, they congest the circulating blood stream with so much to filter out.  The wrinkle creams are funneled in by the bottle-full with hopes of recovering that youthful glow to our skin, but we have been the ones to cause the damage by mistreatment and pollutants and inadequate re-hydration with quality water over the many years.  The poor liver and kidneys work overtime to flush away this debris, but years go by and damage appears in rashes and achy joints and pasty, sagging skin and memory concerns and nerve disorders and, and.

But Friend, the good news is… yea tho we be the cause; we have the power to be the cure too!  First just stop!  Go gather all your personal products and get your magnifying glass.  Read the labels.  Do your best to decipher the chemical jargon.  A good rule to follow… if you wouldn’t eat it, then why are you drinking it?  Let’s repeat this… IF YOU WOULD NOT EAT IT, THEN WHY ARE YOU DRINKING IT?  Because, dear friend, YOU ARE!  With every wipe and spray and rub, you are bypassing the digestive tract and forcing the body to filter through the skin and the liver and the kidneys all the pounds of toxins you are pouring in through your skin and dumping right into the bloodstream.  Some studies report that upwards of 64% of the stuff we smear on ourselves makes it through the filtration system of the skin!  And here’s another jolt… where the skin is thin, studies show that 100% of our creams, soaps, fragrances, etc. seep in easily!  The big deal here is that the digestive tract is completely bypassed.  No stomach acids or enzymes aid in the breakdown of these substances so the body is truly receiving loads of raw toxins!  Maybe a straw in the old Jergen’s bottle might be the safer approach if we are just not yet convinced that these cheap, toxic, chemical concoctions are not blessing the body.

This is not rocket science!  Our medical establishment uses this understanding to circulate millions of dollars of drugs into the bloodstream of the masses daily.  Estrogen patches, testosterone creams, progesterone creams, nicotine patches, even Alzheimer’s medications (just to name a few) are being administered in patches presently!  Just apply to the skin and wait a bit.  The medicine enters the blood stream and effects are felt within hours, if not minutes.

Also worth mentioning here is the known relationship between skin conditions and imbalanced guts!  Congested livers!  If your skin is speaking to you with itchiness and dry patches and red whelps, don’t just go for the steroid cream to mask the concern.  Dig for the answer.  Find the reason.  If you know the reaction is not due to something you just came in contact with, then consider the possibility of healing through the lesser known pathway…  Here again, another BIG sign pointing to the necessity of restoring balance and healing the digestive tract.  The skin tells the tale.  Be sure to read the BLESS the GUT series (link provided at end of this page) and get started making homemade kefir!  Such a simple way to begin to find relief! 

Also, why not consider cleaning house – inside your body?  You can, you know!  Research the gentle ways to flush the liver from toxic burdens.  The Global Healing Center is just one on-line resource that offers great advice for removing our bio-accumulated sludge!  You might want to check out this informative site.  I have found great advice and help there.

Let’s circle back to our discussion on skin.  Rethink Wellness is simply a site to lay out some basic understandings about the body that might give us reason to pause and ponder.  Two of my favorite little words have become “what if.”  As in, what if we change our lotions for something actually so good for you that you could eat it, just in case the body appreciates purity?  Or, what if we adjust our deodorants so that the pores closest to our delicate breast tissues are not congested with years of man-made concoctions that we would die from if swallowed?  I just think this is good common sense!  Don’t you?  And please toss out every antiperspirant in the house.  NOW.  Damaging aluminum ingredients are linked to very serious conditions like Alzheimer’s, for example.  Remember, we are not running with the masses.  We are pausing to think.  We are changing courses!  Wellness is the goal! elderly hands        

Around my home, we have purged the place from many toxic chemicals under the guise of familiarity, which seemed like an old faithful friend.  Don’t be so sure.  Common and “trusted” products like Suave and Dove and Tide and Downey and Maybelline.  The list is as long as the aisles at Wally-world.  Remember, you are drinking these items by the gallons right through your skin!  Choose carefully.

One of my new favorite products for the care of the skin is coconut oil.  My family keeps a jar by every sink or shower.  It makes the most wonderful oil for soothing the skin after a warm shower.  Eczema and dry skin respond miraculously to the application of this rejuvenating oil.  Please read more about coconut oil by clicking on the link at the end of this article.

And, Friend, great sources for pure and organic skin products need to be trumpeted.  Please find great items on the favorite products page of this site.  (A link is found at the end of this page.)  I have had much fun in personally trying oodles of products to find these excellent treasures.  Purity and simplicity.  Gentle and effective.  Organic and petro-chemical free.  Small batches made by hand.  Business ethics considerate of the environment and the animals.  All of these factors are important to me!  baby in bucketEvery dollar I spend on products that my family will be using on their precious tent is also a vote for protecting wellness!  No more contributions to congestion and toxic body burdens.  We are focused on complementing the body and nourishing the skin with the best we can afford.

I must admit, no more $3.50 bottles of shampoo or soaps qualify as acceptable.  The cheap stuff is quite spoiling for a budget, but also spoiling of our health in ways that are simply not acceptable.  I have probably tripled my budget in this area over the last couple of years, but I have no doubt that the dollars are very well invested in caring wisely for our one natural resource: our own bodies.

As you make the best decisions for you and your family, I encourage you to use sparingly the dollops of the quality products so that the healthy options are manageable for your wallet.  We might all be tempted to go after the cheap stuff, the smelly stuff, the familiar stuff when we see the price tags on the wholesome, quality, and pure products.  BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!  But, we really are paying one way or another… either on good products that keep the body vibrant and free of toxins or on cheap products contributing to aches and pains and complicated toxic burdens that wear down our cleansing powerhouses (the lymphatic system, liver, and kidneys).  As you rethink wellness, choose well! 

Please grant yourself an 8 minute wish!  Check out this link to a great video about just our need to pay attention to what we are using to clean and sooth our bodies!  WATCH AND RETHINK!  THE STORY OF COSMETICS!

hand holdingIt is not hard to choose better for yourself and rescue yourself from misery.  It is just a matter of understanding what is going on and figuring out how to do something different.  So glad you are sharing the quest with me here! 

And be sure to click on one of the following links to continue the challenge to rethink wellness… 




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