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BLESS THE GUT # 3 – kefir

cropped-kefir-making-11-16-13.jpgWhen I reflect on my return to wellness, I am so moved by the many encounters that led me to each new understanding!

One particular afternoon I was waiting in line next to an acquaintance whom I had met some months before.  I casually greeted this gracious and lovely lady, Karen.  She glanced around to return the greeting and smiled extra broadly when she recognized me.

“I was just thinking about you,” she seemed surprised to see me standing there.  “I have just learned about the goodness of culturing foods, and I was thinking that these old ideas might be interesting to you,” she whispered so sincerely.

How odd.  I mean, I do so appreciate a warm greeting, but it did seem curious the way she delivered her concentrated message. (We hadn’t seen each other in many months and at the time of writing this page, I haven’t seen her even once since that day several months ago.  I have a huge hug waiting though… )

My take-away from the three minute chat was something about milk and fermenting. These certainly were not two words that belong together.  Sounds gross.  Didn’t much interest me.  Milk is not my thing — in fact, I hadn’t had a cup of milk in many months. Just almond milk occasionally as the better option for me.  I did, however, make a small mental note to do some research.

Got busy with stuff… you know… work, dishes, rush.  A week or so later I plopped in front of the computer and tried to remember what I was supposed to be searching for… oh yeah… fermenting milk.

Read. Read. Read.


Then I ordered.

Then I found some Ball jars and plastic lids.

Then I picked up some milk.

Then I waited for the delivery that would completely… are you ready?… I certainly was NOT… but I am hardly able to find the right words… I waited for the little tiny package that would revolutionize, restore, and resuscitate my life with ENERGY AND CLARITY OF THOUGHT AND NEW LEVELS OF WELLNESS AND HAPPINESS AND SAVES MY MONTHLY  BUDGET BUNCHES!  and then there are ALL the ways my HUSBAND and DAUGHTERS have been helped too!! I just didn’t know then the radical shift I was about to experience!

So, go ahead.  Ask me how I really feel about this new-to-me-but-old-to-the-world little miracle of cultured milk… which has a real name… k e f i r 


Kefir is pronounced in all sorts of ways, but I am stuck on “key-fear.” Accent on key. Absolutely NO fear!

I wish this blog could bring you to my back door and I could greet you and grab you by the hand and run with you to my little kitchen… which is just a few steps from the back door, but see how much energy I have now??  I have great hopes of running to the counter to share this great treasure instead of just running up the bill for all the supplements that I was hoping would do the job of fixing me.

You might be bored, actually, with how easy this is… less than 3 minutes to make THE premier WELLNESS ELIXIR of all time, in my humble opinion. SO EASY!  SO POWERFUL!  SO… COME TRY SOME K E F I R… Click here to read all about how this super food! 

You are invited to check out the Posts.  Here you will find some sweet ideas for using all the wonderful kefir you will be making.  Just wait until you EXPERIENCE what it will do FOR YOU and YOUR FAMILY!     I gotta run hug somebody’s cow and then I’ll be right back…

I invite you to head on over to the last page in this series for a little meandering on the topic of GLUTEN.  It is such a big topic now.  Certainly has my attention…  BLESSING THE GUT  #4 — gluten


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