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BLESS THE GUT# 4- gluten

Consider a little gluten commentary…

Yeah. humph. Me too.  Gluten has become the bandwagon, hasn’t it? …and I’m on it.  You too?  Maybe?  Not sure?

So here’s the thing… I remember the very day it was that my awesome chiropractor (big hug to you, Dr. Barrett!) looked me in the eye and said, “Dee, you have Hashimotos thyroiditis.  So you most certainly have a gluten problem.  It is not an option for you to eat gluten.”  Uh. Oh. Huh??

Surely he meant to say, “You have a long history of digestive probs, so you need to quit eating gluten.” But he didn’t.  How in the world does gluten affect the thyroid, you might be thinking.  I surely was!  Did you know that experts say we have over 50 million Americans walking around (or some might be on the couch, actually) with thyroid concerns!  That’s huge!  AND the majority of thyroid issues are autoimmune conditions, which is Hashimotos Thyroiditis.  I’ve known of my condition for 16 years, but just recently understood how devastating gluten is for me!  The very day I had my entire colon removed, yep — entire colon removed, the surgeon was also doing biopsies of my thyroid to determine why I had such wacky blood readings.  Great–no cancer, but the diagnosis was something Asian that sounded like a sneeze.  Hashimotos–that’s “hosh-eee-moe-toes.”  

Yep, somehow, my body (and yours too if you have thyroid issues) turned on itself and began an all out attack on my own gland!  It is still so bizarre to me… cells in the body literally waging war on other cells.  Can’t we just all get along?  Humph.

Remember that little explanation about “leaky gut” on the first page of this series?  Wella, wella.  Leaky gut.  Large, undigest-able gluten molecules in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Oddly enough, the molecular structures of the thyroid cells are quite similar to the structure of gluten.  So, the leaky gut gives way for gluten debris (in lay-man’s lingo) to be floating around… just getting the fabulous immune system all upset.  The immune troops accept the mission… kill and destroy.  It just so happens that the efforts are turned on my own gland as I was just innocently savoring that gorgeous cinnabon pastry goo.  Man, it was good.  Didn’t know the war that was waging could have been brought under control by walking away from the pancakes.  They say we have to chose our battles.  So, now that I know about the war that I caused with a few out-of-control taste buds, it is time to do the right thing.  It’s for the troops.

And I don’t enjoy sharing the bad news, but you might be burdening your body too.  Gluten has many sneaky ways of harming that beautiful body of yours.  Be sure to check out the suggested library page (THE RETHINK LIBRARY).  Enormous studies are being conducted and the results are overwhelmingly dooming for gluten.  He’s a real bad guy.

So January 17th, 2013 I officially quit flipping back and forth on the issue of being gluten free– to be or not to be.  To be.  That was the only answer, but I sure didn’t want to hear it.  NOBODY loves a chocolate cream filled Dunkin Donut better than me!  (Why do trans fats AND gluten have to taste so yummy?)  Waawaa!  NOBODY enjoys a couple of “hot now” Krispy Kreme glazed beauties better than yours truly!  And my all time favorite comfort food is my mom’s chicken and dumplings!  NO MORE comfort for me.  Thanks Dr. Barrett for ruining my plate, my passion, my pudge!

Gluten.  Such an ugly word anyway.  Cousin of glutton.  Bad bad bad.  I know.  Are you tracking with me?  It’s like saying goodbye to your favorite pooch.  Or rather just trying to find a way to ignore him every time you walk out the door.  Always there looking at you, but no, you can’t even reach down and pet the cutie pie.  Can’t even take a teensy weensy morsel of gluten goodness in your mouth and swallow, for Pete’s sake — whoever he is.  Maybe he’s got gluten issues too.  No more bites of those hip little asiago bagels at Panera. Nope.  No little mouthful of warm fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  I mean sure I can substitute a little of this and a little of that to create a look-alike, but the cost is… oh… 500 times as expensive to make!  Waawaa.

Give me a moment.  I need to run grab some coffee substitute (roasted chicory root) and nurse a little whine from deep within.

Just kidding.  WHO WOULD DRINK THAT STUFF? I’ll just whine over a glass of purified agua with a slice of organic lemon and rosemary sprig.

Ok, I’m back.  Still gluten free.  But hydrated at least so I have more to offset the tearing up I can’t seem to control. Darn.

Well, that’s all I can share with you for now. Now that you and me are all encouraged over this gluten free life.  I’ll be back with composure tomorrow. Maybe.  Can’t guarantee the composure part, but I will be back.  Tataa fellow wheat picketers, fellow gluten nay-sayers, fellow gluten ex-patriots, and the rest of you kind folks who still go to Krispy Kreme and seem to need more napkins than I do anymore.  I mean, carrot sticks don’t dribble chocolate cream, now do they.

And here is where I apologize.  This little gluten episode was 26not  so very cheery, was it?  I suppose I am still dealing with the loss…  taste buds or thyroid.  Since it is the metabolism gland and all…  thyroid wins.  I do think many other parts win too, but that is for  another post.  Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, let’s just let the thyroid  have its day.  Sure wish my good ole colon had gotten a chance to  know this news, but that is another reason for this rethink  WELLNESS site… sharing with YOU so you can keep all your  parts!  Now that’s sure exciting!

My final words for you here on this page, dear Reader, are words  calling you to action!  Take down that “Kitchen Closed” sign and get in there and just do it!  BLESS YOUR GUT!  HEAP BLESSINGS ON YOUR BODY SO THAT YOU CAN GET OUT THERE AND BE A BLESSING to your sons and daughters and grandkids and neighbors and friends and co-workers and pets and mailmen and auto mechanics and librarians and doctor.  (Well, you probably won’t be needing to see her very much, but you can still drop by with a flower or card or something.  I am sure grinning with the thought!  You just wait until that becomes your reality!)

And thank you, Laurel, for a grand new cookbook that is restoring the fun.  I am glad to recommend it to you, Reader.  It is titled, Against all Grains.  Fantastic!  Delicious!  Going gluten-free really has changed most recipes in my kitchen, but one at a time, new ones are being discovered.  Helps abound!



2 comments on “BLESS THE GUT# 4- gluten

  1. Jessica
    February 4, 2014

    I just wanted to the thank you for all of your wonderful and inspiring information! ! Your passion and willingness to share your story to help others truly makes this blog a fun read! !

    • dea perkins
      February 4, 2014

      So very kind. Thank you Jessica! Our lives are meant to be shared, don’t you think?

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