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Many books and articles and sites and threads and seminars and experts have expounded upon so many aspects of wellness!  Sifting through piles of wellness resources has led to a great desire to share a serious listing of all-time favorites, the ones that meant the most to me.  

(And please be sure to read my comment at the end of the list about the books that didn’t make it on my list.)

These are the stunning researchers and writers who have radically shifted my trajectory! 


I am so happy to shine a light on each of these treasures and to feature each one in


Consider finding your own copy and comfy chair for a life-changing read.  With high appreciation for each contribution, YOU are invited to…


(As you take a peek, just let me mention that each of these wonderful resources are featured on the RETHINK MERCANTILE page if you would like to have your very own copy.  Just add a comfy chair and read, read, read!)


serve God save the Planet

Serve God Save the Planet was the first book that challenged my understanding of so many things.  It quaked me to the core as I considered how I was moving my family through life without nary a thought for our impact on all around us. Dr. Matthew Sleeth was such an inspiration to me — sharing how he began his own transformative rethinking while immersed in the medical system as head of a prestigious emergency department in noted hospital in the Northeast.

Matthew Sleeth part 2His insights and mindful approaches to things like water and air and food brought a deep, silent pause over me.  Change began here.  My family has read the book actually two or three times!  I have given it as gifts repeatedly.  I suggest it to you wholeheartedly and actually wish I could send out freebies to all here.  It is that good. He has published a second book called The Gospel According to the Earth.  I just learned about this newer work today so guess what I just ordered!


Jordan Rubin againBecause of my very personal journey through a miserable decade of ulcerative colitis, I curiously selected a rough copy of Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin at the local second-hand book store.  Seeing his picture on the front of the book brought back many fears and much sadness that hovered over my very sick years.  Knowing how my journey with the disease ended (surgeries), I was intrigued to read about a man healing himself naturally from Crohn’s disease (a very close cousin of ulcerative colitis).  He shares his stunning climb out of near-death into vibrant health.  So moving, so informative, so inspirational!  I have followed much of his work and have read many of his writings.  He founded one of my very favorite and most trustworthy supplement companies in the world… Garden of Life.  Their products are highly recommended and considered of the finest quality!  His latest work with growing top-quality foods and raising the finest cattle in Missouri is beautiful.  Beyond Organic is the name for his new line of health-promoting products.  jordan rubin2His life gift to all who listen is heaven-sent jordan rubinand transformational in every way.  A couple other of my favorites by Jordan Rubin are also shown here.  Truly, any of his writings are suggested.  He teaches from his own pain and survival — it is quite profound.

pic with jordin rubin

Jordan Rubin and me!

I recently had the joy of attending a seminar taught by Jordan Rubin.  He is such an entertaining health expert!


gut and psychology I AM IN AWE of this LADY!  She has become such a champion of health the world over!  The cover of her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, is lacking some dazzle, but I promise the wealth and brilliance of what is revealed on the pages will gift you with a sure bounty!  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride explains the unproclaimed inner workings of the digestive tract (gut) like nobody.  She speaks to the power, sheer power of getting balance and healing into the gut and then the cascade of healing that washes over the whole body as a result.  The message is well… breath-taking.  Truly!  I learned so much from her teachings and only wish I had been privy to such information decades ago.  She speaks of the inseparable connection between the digestive tract and the brain…  and emotional disorders… but if this is not your issue, no matter.  YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!  Her explanation applies to a very wide-range of issues.  (She has also written another book which divulges her research on the connection of gut health to the heart!  I am looking forward to reading this one soon.)  Dr. McBride was a practicing neurosurgeon in Russia, moved to London, gave birth to a son who was diagnosed with autism at age 3.  Realizing that her profession offered no help for her son, she began a very personal quest to pull back the curtains of autism to find healing.  She did!  The GUT!  If you ever get to hear her speak, grab the opportunity!  She is so encouraging.  I quote from her often and can’t say it enough… READ THIS ONE!


What would a dentist have to do with astounding, life-altering, ideal nutritional care of the human body?  Yep, that’s what I thought, but please allow me to introduce WESTON PRICE and his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration!  Dr Weston PriceThis man traveled the world over in the 1920s on a quest to study dental health in cultures reputed to hold some secrets to longevity and healthful living without the aid of modern (for that time) dentistry or medical intervention.  What he learned, what he returned with is still considered a profound treasure by those who endeavor to unearth the codes of wellness.  His work is shared in this book and is nothing short of fascinating!  Brilliant! As many healthy and remote cultures were studied, charts were made, patterns were pursued.  Clues were found, and the truths are packed throughout this story of his life work.  Nutrient dense foods, fermented foods, bone broths, the trilogy of vitamins A, D, and K2 (which had not been named, but he referred to as factor x) all of these health powerhouses were discovered by Weston Price.  His work shifted from dentistry to nutrition as the profound road to total wellness.  I am amazed that his work is still being studied and unpacked for the wealth it brings to our modern understanding of total well-being.  A great book for rethinking nutrition!  Here you can find great hope in using foods as powerful healing and nourishing gifts.

The foundation wearing his name is spreading around the globe carrying his message of nutrient dense foods for total health.  Researchers are devoted to continuing this vein of gold and proudly wear his banner.  Beyond his book, I highly recommend finding a local chapter of this amazing foundation and joining the movement to re-take our health from the misleading marketing and Standard American Diet (SAD), which is dragging millions to pain and amputated life spans.  Look for it online… WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION.


A very practical kitchen treasure!  A wonderful gift for every bride across the country!  This book, Nourishing Traditions, is nothing short of a culinary encyclopedia.  Sally Fallon pours forth understanding of the basic building blocks of food.  She is a devout follower and trumpeter of the message of Dr. Weston Price (as mentioned above).  In fact, she is the founder of the Weston Price Foundation which promotes locally raised, nutrient dense foods as the source of healing the body.  nourishing traditions

Her book, Nourishing Traditions, is like a cookbook and kitchen manual full of preparation tips and reasoning that makes mealtime a beautiful, nurturing experience.  I love her insights on fermented foods especially.

She is a wonderful speaker, as well.  I had the privilege of speaking with her at the annual Weston Price Foundation Convention this year.  She is a woman of grace and purpose.  Her book is a great resource and a gift to your kitchen!


Living life on the “low-fat” edge nearly cost me my sanity.  Quite literally the brain needs the blessing of nutritional fats to accomplish living!  For too many years I believed a lie about fats. rethink pics These energy powerhouses are absolutely vital to the health of the human body.  What I did not know was the vast differences that exist in the realm of fats.  Some truly are detrimental (break that word down… you’ll find what lack of good fats does to you); other fats are healing agents.  Good fats become the wagons that carry nutrients into your cells.  The book, Get Your Fats Straight, does a fine job of explaining the fat facts.  If you are human (and I am 100% sure of that), then you need to understand this information.  Guaranteed to bless your body and your brain!


The book, The Great Cholesterol Myth, by Stephen Sinatra and Johnny Bowden is entirely relevant and timely in our present culture where heart disease is blamed for 600,000 American deaths a year!  Another important book to consider as you rethink status quo and find true answers about health — instead of propaganda.  My husband and I attended a seminar presented by a doctor on the premises of this book. cholesterol myth I found the information so sad in light of how the American populace is mistreated and uninformed about life and death practices.  With all the commercials on primetime tv, for example, we can become so numb to the absurdity of many drugs.  I am so convinced that our bodies strive to heal but can’t because of the congestion from our dependence and craving for conveniences.  Please find a copy of this book and read, read, read.  Share the message with your circle of loved ones.  We all have reason to rethink our cardiovascular health!  Great answers and hope are found in the message of this vital read.  (Dr. Stephen Sinatra, by the way, is one of my favorite thinkers regarding healing practices.  I highly recommend leaning-in to his voice on many topics.)    


Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox is a wonderful read!  Kate Rheaume-Bleu expounds upon some of the very latest research regarding this newly named vitamin which should rock our worlds.  Understanding how vital K2 is to our overall health and how deficient in this fantastic vitamin the American diet is sparked some re-evaluation (rethinking!) of my food selections.  Incorporating foods rich in this nutrient is rather easy and delicious.  She explains that the misplacement of calcium in the soft-tissues of the body is a massive  problem contributing to remarkable numbers of ill-health conditions… heart disease, tumor growths, kidney stones, etc.   A contributor to the solution…  meet a new friend… Vitamin K2!  This nutrient actually directs the placement of calcium away from soft tissues where we don’t want it and into the bones where it belongs!k2 book  I have devoured this material and have already sent this book as a gift!  It was a great thrill to hear this writer speak recently.  Afterward, I was able to engage in further discussion for a few dear ones in my life — probing for a wee bit more information.  Kate Rheaume-Bleu is passionate about the research and has a great message for us all in considering foods, again, for the nourishment so crucial to our vitality.    


Earthing.  I am not sure where to begin with this book…  FASCINATING.  STUNNING.  A FEAST FOR A RE-THINKER!  This remarkable work is such a delightful read AND revelation!  What I have learned from the story of Clint Ober is so beautiful.  I have been on my knees before my Maker with gratitude and gladness in light of what is explained on these pages.  YOU NEED THIS BOOK! earthingThe book brings to our feet the truth that we need connection with a boundless supply of negatively charged ions to neutralize the positively charged ions present in the body everywhere we experience inflammation.  Simply, the body’s ability to draw in these ions from connection with this boundless supply wildly calms the aches and pains of living!  Healing occurs at much faster rates!  What is this boundless supply of negatively charged ions that we all need to connect with, you might ask?  Nothing other than our magnificent EARTH!  Barefoot healing!  It took me a while to venture into this material.  I was quite the skeptic.  NO MORE!  Once you experience something that brings surprising results for you and your loved ones, you will become a believer too.  I could go on and on about this understanding.  I have purchased this book many times over and pass them around often.  Lots of smiling going on about this understanding and great gift to humanity right under our feet!  THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ALL!  


I have so enjoyed having this book as a go-to for helps on making better choices for the environment of my home.  Naturally Clean is one of many, many books on this subject.  I have read a small mountain of publications on this topic and always learn much, but this one has more statistics and data than its peers.  (As a math lover, numbers really tickle my brain.)  naturally cleanThe team who wrote this great resource represent one of the well-known household product companies which works to give the American public biodegradable options for cleaning the home.  Their products are not actually my favorite, but I do appreciate their mission.  The book is simply a plethora of information that should propel any reader to rethink every product we buy, squirt, swipe, pour, spray in the most important spot on the globe — our home.  I highly recommend this one!


your body's many cries for water I read through a copy of this book several years ago and have not looked at a glass of agua the same again.  I am happy to share it with you!  The Body’s Many Cries for Water was written from the life experiences of a political prisoner and his own survival story of helping other prisoners overcome disease with the only available medicine:  water!  Beyond prison, F. Batmanghelidj continued with his profound quest, researching to learn more about the body’s response to sufficient and insufficient water.  The book reinforces the common understanding that the human body simply can not function optimally without substantial hydration.  Good ole water!  Our body is actually 3/4 water (as is the globe)!  Much fluid is being used in the daily rhythms, but without adequate re-supply, the functions of the cells are greatly  inhibited.  This drought leads to untold disease.  The book takes the reader much deeper into the understanding of water and leaves you with a thirst for more!  A classic work first published in 1992 and updated in 2008.


A book to simplify and summarize an entire approach to wellness with many do-able strategies for plotting our paths.  Rashid Buttar melds his own experience, as medical director for Advanced Medicine, with many voices into one great read, The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away!  The 9 steps to keep the doctor awayThe straightforward teaching presented to the reader gives great clarity and commentary on how one can chart a course for longevity through daily behaviors which profoundly affect our health.  A wonderful tool for us all!  It has the feel of a roadmap and a flashlight.  I highly recommend this book for each household!


The Cure The CURE tells the life work of Timothy Brantley as he worked to bring healing to many folks through teaching the power of detoxification and food.  Real food is his message of healing.  I read this book with my husband over a couple of days.  It is a great read that just pulls you along through detailed case studies told as great stories.  We found ourselves marveling at his gift of getting to the core of illness… solving deep issues of toxicity in the body in order to set the natural systems at liberty to rebalance and restore health.  The book has a message for our generation as we  have all fallen prey to heavy marketing — forgetting what constitutes real food.  Unfortunately, as Timothy Brantley points out, our bodies find convenience  foods nutritionally insufficient in every way.  The remarkable stories and  practical guidelines give every reader a true map out of illness and into understanding and cooperation with the body for optimal wellness.


against all grains

A new favorite recipe book!  Against all Grains written by Danielle Walker is such an excellent kitchen inspiration!  Recipes developed from a personal journey into wellness are shared with pictures that invite me into the kitchen with purpose.

Her ideas are very helpful.  I have enjoyed every recipe I have tried and hope to make it through her whole book.  The only criticism I have is that she doesn’t seem to have discovered kefir or cultured veggies yet.  Nonetheless, her delicious recipes offer great options for those wanting to rediscover cooking without the body-burdensome grains that are so dominant in our western culture.  The almond flour and coconut flour tips are abundant and practical.  This book was a gift to me from a beloved friend.  I plan to pass on the treasure too.

As mentioned at the top of the list, I would like to make a small comment about the ones that didn’t make it on my list…

Although many written works kept me awake countless hours searching for relief and understanding, books targeting specifically, for example, thyroid illness and women’s hormonal issues are not listed.  As my journey unfolded, I became more and more convinced that targeting a specific piece of the puzzle did not make any sense because I was not going back far enough in the flow-chart of biological cause and effect.  I did learn how those parts functioned, but didn’t really find the core of the reason that imbalance happened in the first place.  Without any hesitation, I submit to you that health gushes forth from the digestive tract in ways we understand, but perhaps so many more we still can’t explain.  But no matter.  What we can understand is enough to point to the digestive tract as the powerful master coordinator of so much that happens in your body — including thyroid health and women’s hormonal concerns!  Every time I tried to play with hormones, my body revolted in strange ways.  Cleaning up the interior, nourishing with nutrient dense real food, healing the gut, beautiful sunshine and water and earth — balance eventually just naturally happened!  

Finally, and most importantly:

I pray that as you seek for answers you will GO TO THE SOURCE OF ALL UNDERSTANDING.  ASK HIM, OUR MAKER, AND HE PROMISES TO DIRECT YOUR WAY!  Guaranteed!  

Wellness takes us so far, but we are eternal.  The best is yet to come when He is our Guide!


If you’re looking for a great way to jump into truth, a chronological Bible is a great idea.  This type of Bible simply arranges the writing on the timeline of historical events.

The Bible is divided into two parts:  Old Testament and New Testament.  The Old Testament tells the story of God creating and relating to his people through very famous stories like Noah’s flood, David and Goliath, Daniel and the lion’s den.  The New Testament begins with the split in all time — the birth of Jesus to our planet, God’s Son made like us in skin and bones (and digestive tract!).

Did you know that when you read the Old Testament book of Nehemiah you have completed the historical timeline of God’s people until Jesus appears on the planet as recorded in the writings of the New Testament?  But, there are many other Old Testament books arranged in the traditional Bible after Nehemiah.  So, if you are just reading one book after another, the message can become confusing.

My daughters gave me a chronological study Bible for Christmas.  It has great maps and additional cultural details which help me to read with more awareness of the setting and the flow of events.  All the original books of the beloved Bible are carefully re-arranged to follow the unfolding of history.  Nothing is left out, nothing is altered, just put on the timeline of our human history.  I LOVE IT!  The true REASON for living and breathing and eating!  We are NOT our own idea!  I believe with all my heart that there is so much for each of us… our eyes have yet to see, our hearts have yet to comprehend!  HIS NAME IS JESUS and this is HIS BOOK!


Again… find each of these books at a great price through the link to Amazon.  Just click here to browse or check out your local bookstore.  These are readily available in many great locations.  I wholeheartedly recommend these life-changing resources!


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