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Found out — I needed a fresh look…
I have learned that the responsibility for wellness is a personal responsibility. Boohoo.  How’s that for an opening line.  Punch in the  stomach.  I know…


Thank you Lauren for capturing the rethinking pose!

Maybe like me, you have wanted the assurance of a medical system, of an expert who  would always do what was pure and best with explanations for the misery. I didn’t want more responsibility than making a doctor’s appointment and showing up on-time.  I show up.  Pay the bill.  You,  Expert, please give me the script, the shot, the blood pressure reading, the concerned look, the 11 minutes of your time so I can get on with laundry, teaching,  hugging, laundry, and grocery shopping, and sometimes laundry.

So, why was I not getting better following all the doctor’s orders?  Taking all the scripts? Rather, I was only getting worse.  The body was not healing.  It was crumbling like an ole snickerdoodle… no more snickering here!  And absolutely no energy to doodle!  I had walked to the end of the conventional medicine line, and guess what?  There are lots of wonderful people piled up there.  Bunches and bunches.  Still sick.  Still gripping little bottles of chemical candy in cute colors… some have all-together given up and others look more desperate than ever.

I trusted in a system, a huge medical establishment all my life.  We have such great respect for our doctors and such great doubt that we can understand our bodies, even though we live in them and use them  every day.  Precious doctor after doctor smiled and nodded and shrugged.  Same reaction from dermatologist, allergist, ob/gyns, internist, general practitioner, endocrinologist, gastro-enterologist, emergency room physicians.  The shrugging shoulders and the eager prescription pads greatly disheartened me.  The realization finally overwhelmed me — no one could explain to me what was happening!  Chronic fatigue, wild anxiety, radical weight loss, raging hives, insomnia, stifling muscle cramps, etc, etc…

The experts were very interested in helping me “feel better,” but I knew that creatively painting the sewer lid was not going to clean out the problem.  Whatever the problem was.  The focus on healing was shockingly distracted by the allure of chemical concoctions.  And, I surely did attempt to be a good patient — following doctors’ orders until I could hardly go on.  All the visits and all the bottles had not delivered the results.  Scant explanations were muttered regarding the actual cellular struggle that was overwhelming me. Frightfully and greatly intimidated by my own body, I slipped over to the edge.  I slumped and surveyed.  The situation was bleak; the change I needed was not going to be handed to me after a pat on the back and a copay.  Let me just say, leaving behind a trusted system is like standing stranded on the interstate at rush hour.  Apparently everybody else has a working plan, but suddenly I have been pushed to the edge.  I couldn’t keep up anymore.  No more gas.  I scooted weary me out of the fluorescent lighting of mainstream and crawled onto the narrow path of questions and research.  (Robert Frost would be glad, right?)

It was during my “doc-hopping days” that I wrote my family tearful notes in my journal — wanting everybody to know how much I loved them.  I truly believed my body was not going to overcome whatever had come-over me.  I cried and prayed and got big hugs from my husband.  I crawled into bed, but the hives and the muscle cramps and the insomnia and the nausea just kept pushing me off… I fell to my knees in prayer.  With misery rising, the quest truly began.

It was a very scary day.  I began to inch away from the doormats of my many nice doctors and peer down a few other avenues for solutions.  Skeptical, but desperate. No one had more to gain or perhaps, more to lose, by my decision to walk off the wide road than I.  My goal was healing.  I wanted it immediately, but that did not come.  Rather, I received something much greater than my own healing.  It took a couple of years to recognize the gifts, but the healing came with the understanding!  Two beautifully interwoven gifts! Healing was life-restoring, obviously, but understanding removed fears.  Fears that I had lived with regarding my own body for all my life!





door mat1


Uh… let me try to get back on track… but still chuckling over that last mat… OK.  Composure… sort of…

This simple, profound understanding of the brilliance of our bodies is the key to knowing how to live.  The key to finding health and wellness and then living life fully engaged with our hearts, minds, souls!  And, dear reading friend, the understanding is meant to be shared with others, perhaps even YOU!  Perhaps you might need a fresh look like I did.

We are looking at wellness with new eyes.  We are needing to re-think our preconceived ideas and paradigms and proverbial cheese.  For me, letting go of the panicked grip I had on my long-held beliefs, gave me room to begin to investigate some of the other ideas in this big wide world regarding health.  For all of us, the process of learning something new means we have to clean out attics of thought.  Dusting off what is worth keeping and tossing away what is broken and hindering us.

But, we LOVE clutter, don’t we?  And who likes to get out the goods and do the work of spring cleaning really?  We are comfortable with our stuff even if we are tripping over it and creating a fire hazard!  This pattern especially pertains to our understanding of the body and the state of our WELLNESS.

We have to give ourselves permission to think again.  Without this allowance, our own minds become our biggest obstacle to re-discovering wellness.  

Stunning ideas are out there with lots of happy folks immersed in them, feeling strong, and enjoying life.  And rather shockingly I had to admit, they are not all quacks as I had so often presumed!  (Ok, well there might just be one or two, but otherwise many, many really amazing thinkers.)  A personal reformation began to occur… it is amazing how far you will go in a quest for answers when the problems are swallowing you whole.  That’s what it felt like to me.

Books were ordered, feverishly read, more were ordered.  Blogs were read, internet threads were followed, links were pursued.  Vitamin stores were located.  Knowledgeable people were pressed for their insights.  Acupuncture, herbs, vitamins, sunshine, gluten or not, raw foods or not, vegan or not (uh… NOT), dairy or not, meridians, muscle testing, functional medicine consults, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, water cure, and a partridge in a pear tree!  It was a pursuit for the elusive prize.  Why did my health slip away?  What measures should be taken to “find” it again?  What hope is there that I will be able to think like my old self again?  

It was the ultimate investigation… give up and gain nothing. Or, keep pushing for answers and take home the prize… me.  Healthy me!  Healthy YOU!  I really was after that prize.  YOU TOO?  We need understanding!  

Apparently, it seems, that with a slow road to wellness, there is ample time to take notes!  What I have been privileged to learn about some basic systems of the human body (digestive tract, immune system, skin) over the last several years has radically led me to the sweet path of wellness!  Better health than I have ever known!  Don’t get me wrong, life still bumps and bruises, but the new knowledge gives me effective approaches to move through wellness hurdles!  From the comfort of my own home and from the counter of my own kitchen.

Did you know that fascinating studies have been conducted around the world on remarkable cultures who lived with glowing health right past their 100th birthday parties!  I began to lean in and listen to the information about these stunningly healthy groups who never ever had access to “real” medical help.  I began to apply their practices to my life.  Perhaps these “poor, isolated folks without all our modern ideas” could teach even me… doubting me… something hidden from our present culture of rush and hurry.  And, well, I am no longer polishing up my Will!  Understanding began to emerge and answers began to appear.  Answers resolving many of the questions that had perplexed me for many months, even years!

I simply cannot stop talking about the lessons learned because– get this– they work!  I am giddy, for lack of a better adult word!  The remarkable joy that sweeps over me when I have opportunity to share with others what I have learned is just addicting.  Truly. 

Can I please just give you the most encouraging tidbit?  

Instead of living in fear of what our bodies might do to us, we can understand how we optimally function, honor those boundaries, support our systems, and RECOVER from the wild majority of our ailments!  

Wellness, it became very clear to me, is the result of choice… many choices actually… many daily choices!  I am one hundred percent convinced that most “dis-eases” evolve from an over-burdened body that is not given adequate fuel to run its systems. Friend, we are quite sadly choosing our way to aches, pains, sickness, even death without comprehending the authority we have over the body!  We have forgotten the basic principles of reasoning… the if — then principles.

Let me attempt an allegory…

I look at my front lawn in spring and watch the grass grow, but I decide not to mow it back.  Too busy, too whatever. In several weeks, I am puzzled and shocked when mice, rats, even snakes make themselves at home!  Fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, and roaches begin to invade in dangerous numbers!  Suddenly it seems I can’t feel comfortable tossing a Frisbee around my own yard.  I am upset and bothered and need experts now to solve all this mess.  I start calling in exterminators and animal-catchers who traipse all over the lawn, digging and trapping in order to catch the varmints.  Ridiculous bills, wasted days cooped up inside, toxins now all over the lawn! Pests might be gone, but still can’t enjoy the lawn because of ruts and poisons and high, thorny weeds!  All because I didn’t make the simple choice in the beginning– just to mow the grass!  But, I never see the connection.  Instead, I live indoors wondering why the yard turned out to be a jungle.  Calling in the exterminators every week to help.  Blaming the neighborhood, the weather, the aligning of the stars…

Silly analogy, but it does demonstrate the point. Personal responsibility to choose to care for our own bodies cannot be ignored if wellness truly matters!            

(And yet I am dismayed at the wild numbers of us who choose aches, ills, un-wellness.  Another thought for another post — to be written on a very cloudy, rainy day.)

Could it be that the biggest wellness secret of all wellness secrets is just under our nose… and has been all the time?  What am I saying?  Yep! What is just under our noses?  You guessed it… the biggest secret of all is the…don’t miss this… it is the… mouth AND what goes in it!  Oh, we have much to talk about! It is a great honor and thrill for me to be able to encourage you and share with you some of the foundations… points that I never ever knew but began to find under every new symptom and ache… under every rock that had to be upturned.  It would be such an honor to share my treasures and hear from  you about yours!  We need a rethinking community…

My story, maybe like yours, has revealed the truth that the learning should never end! Recently I read an awesome anonymous quote.  See what you think:

 “We don’t really have to grow old, but if we quit growing, we’re old!”  Love it!

I am not of the mindset that when answers run-out, you just change the goal – from wellness to copingHow sad is that? Pain is often for the purpose of teaching great and never-to-be-forgotten lessons for the continuation of our life journeys.

How does the body best function?  I didn’t know a vitamin K from a vitamin A when I hit the wall.  But, WOW, is this knowledge vital to every human being on the globe! So many age-old truths about healthful living that we have thrown out the garage door the last 75 years or so.

What do we know more today than civilization knew hundreds of years ago?  I mean, we should know more, right?  About the body?  About the functions of the trillions of cells?  About the chemical interactions of our brilliant immune systems?  About our sources of energy?

I have learned that perhaps we need mostly to get out of the way and let our bodies speak to us again.  Become a listener.  You are wildly more intelligent than your thoughts will ever be able to comprehend!  Recognizing the cries of the body for help… think “ache,” think “pain,” think “fatigue,”– should send us searching for answers.  Where is the imbalance?  What is the reason?  Why?  Why?  Why?

We don’t need post-graduate degrees to understand the basic brilliance of being human, but we do have to listen attentively and refuse to settle for misery!

 The research from those master-thinkers and phDs is available for anyone to read!  Not pharmaceutical studies, mind you.  Please don’t misunderstand.  If you and I are in a car accident, get us both to the emergency room at the best local hospital immediately.  Use the drugs!  But, dear reading friend, for the wellness of our many years of life, we don’t need such potent chemicals to burden our hearts, our livers, our etc.  The other research… about the body, about true cellular healing, about nutrition that works, about happy old cultures that reached 70 and planned for the next 30 years with big grinsthat research is what we need to empower our wellness!

Experts are great consultants, but I live in this tent so I am ultimately responsible to steward it well… as well as possible… and so are you!  We seek wisdom, but we cannot any longer pass the responsibility for our longevity and welfare over to the shoulders of another.  Our first step is to become a re-thinker!  We don’t need more toxins to help us; we need more nutrition!

We have to reach the place where we accept the task… no more blaming the big G’s for our waning health:  Genes, Germs, and God!

Friend, wellness is perhaps best defined as a personal choice!  One day at a time, one decision at a time.  What do you choose?  As for me, I choose wellness!  I chose life!  

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And back to the opening punch in the stomach… I meant that.  That is THE answer to most of the ailments we are underneath. The gut!  I wasn’t kidding… the secret really has been right under your nose your whole life!

I invite you to read on!  Please click and scoot on over to the page, BLESS THE GUT #1 of 4.  That’s where you’ll find an explanation of the system that can literally transform health!  Let’s rethink together!

Excuse me now, I have this great big Frisbee, and I am headed for the front lawn… Hey, wanna throw?

Or, maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper with a concerned voice for rethinking wellness…

I love to discover a short video clip which speaks artistically to our hearts and minds.  This clip is chilling.  It won’t leave you with that warm and cozy feeling.  Rather, it might cause you to squirm in your chair, and challenge some of your thinking.  See what you think.  It’s a few years old, which means the stats are only more severe now, but the message is critical to our understanding.    Click here to see… MOST ASTONISHING HEALTH…

With eyes wide open, let’s search for understanding!  Information is our friend as we gather our thoughts and consider “resetting our perspectives on wellness!”





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